Thursday, June 5, 2008

Alice Russell In Miami

Just got what seems to be an open invitation, i.e. not just those on Giant Step's mailing list (which is probably everyone anyways), to catch the amazing Alice Russell performing at The Delano's Florida Room June 19th.

I've written about Ms. Russell before (check old post for some other mp3s).  Though I have never seen her perform live, I bet it would be a safe assumption in stating that she's probably even better live, esp. at a semi-intimate venue like The Florida Room, than on record.  

It says in their invite that Daz-I-Kue of Bugz In The Attic fame, who was just down here for WMC08, will also be performing; nothing said about if he's playing for her, or if she's got a band together.

Regardless if you have a taste in music that expands past loud club music and/or 99JAMZ, do yourself a favor, get some UK soul.

Here's a cover of the White Stripes' song:

Nostalgia 77 (ft. Alice Russell) - Seven Nation Army

This track is off of Quantic's Mishaps Happening -- his last effort that I really enjoyed.  The banjo, played by Quantic, cinches it!

Quantic (ft. Alice Russell) - So Long

From the invite:
RSVP to 
RSVP limited to one person per email.
21+ W/ID  

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