Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make My Way Slowly

Watching Swayze in Roadhouse, eating a salad w/ chicken salad on top, thinking bout going to weddings .... nothing makes sense anymore. Just gon post some random tracks, and by random, i mean, aside from the first 2, I just scrolled n stopped in the iTunes.

Is it possible to be 'late' on T-Pain? Well, I heard this song on a local pirate radio station couple weeks ago. Shits from 07. He produced the track himself.

T-Pain - Church

When I heard the above song, it felt like more recent Gnarls Barkleyish - or, for a local twist, what the Mayday fam are doing lately. Here's a track Bernbiz sent me a while ago.

Mayday - One Mile To Go

M. Ferguson - Pagliacci [Clark Edit]

Dude in action:

Stone - Girl I Like The Way You Move

If you like this one, track down their jam 'Time'.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

YAAAAAY Gary Glitter!!! You finally fucked a female and not a little asian boy. Who woulda thought you could get any lower? Nevertheless, you're baby boy (??) loves you Gary! Happy Daddy Day!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Somehow, U2 Just Made Me Think Of Miami Vice

I just listened to the new U2 song, "I'll Go Crazy" remixed by Dirty South, and it is as if my brain was instantly linked to Michael Mann's, circa 1984, and I got this vision in my head and had to write it down. What sucks is, after reading what I wrote, I really wanna be able to see that episode, except there isn't one, I made it up. Here's my review of this song. Be sure to download the song first and listen while reading.

Click here to download U2's "I'll Go Crazy (Dirty South Remix)"

1984. Miami. Montage. Midnight. Crocket is chasing down a guy in a bad suit wearing sandals. Cut to Crocket's Ex-Wife at her home, sitting at the dinner table over an extra uneaten plate of food. Cut to Tubbs - trusty sawed off shotgun in hand, trying to find a way to cut off the criminals from another side. Cut back to Crocket's Ex-Wife sitting alone on the couch in near darkness, the only light in the room shining from a streetlight outside, onto her face. Cut to Crocket - exchanging gunfire with the criminal. Crocket goes down in the crossfire. Cut to Crocket's 2 kids soundly sleeping in their beds. Cut to Tubbs - Tubbs feels something is wrong, doubles back to find his friend and partner too injured to keep going. Cut to close up of Crocket's Ex-Wife - One tear falling from her face, the idea of a normal life fades. Cut to Tubbs rushing Crocket to the hospital in the Testarossa. The assailants disappear into the night.

Oh wait, that's like, every episode.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Sea Otter Booger candies.

Head over to Pink Tentacle for that and other randomness.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perrine, FL

From the makers of Cocaine Cowboys

My boy Titus says dude w/ the crazy hair was Kimbo Slice's old bodyguard, then they had a falling out; now he's holding these in his mother's backyard.

"Don't Move, Don't Whisper, Don't Even Breathe"

   I've spent the last three(?+) hours trying to track down digital versions of some of my choice records I'm too lazy to attempt to convert into mp3.  

   Getting up and sifting through the stacks (which are not just across the room but 'technically' in the other room -- eh,  its complicated), finding a record, skipping through the tracks, and then sitting back down to search for a copy pretty-much hampers on the couching-time the usual surfing should require.  So, *genius*, I just grabbed a stack, and low and behold, it's always when you're not looking for it that you jab your foot on a gem:

   I clearly remember not actually seeing Judgment Night a good 2+ years after I had the soundtrack on cassette.  And I definitely don't remember much about it, 'cept Emilio being in it, and something about being in the sewers(?) or underground(?!?).  What I do remember is my parents just "not understanding"

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Come-up

Of the many perks you get as a dj, one of the major ones is being able to share the stage (read: get free up-close seats) to some great acts.  

Now, sometimes, usually with djs, something will get left behind either on purpose or not.  DJ Funk is famous for giving out the cd's he played that night.  Remember when he played PS14?  Yeah, I haven't played a damn thing off those bootlegs.      

So back when Holy Ghost! performed at Liv they happened to leave two cds when they left.   Only one of the cds worked - [the other was too scratched and just shoots out when I try to load it up], and of that cd, I didn't recognize/have only one of the 5 songs.

I'm of no mindset that this is some sort of exclusive never-released thing-thang, so lemme know what this is so i can update the iD3 tags. BUT, if it is Blogger-gold, thats awesome and I apologize to HG! for releasing it on the world; but then again, only 5 people read this blog anymore, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

This is that song:
*EDIT: Took the song down cuz of NAGL-fundamentals, because apparently its a demo-version of an unreleased song for their ever-going-to-be-released-? album.  Instead, peep a YouTube clip, and be jealous (and yes it is from 07):