Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5 out of 4

From Mike Deuce's vaults.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


This kid Douster has a new track. Had some of his earlier things -- none of them really sound finished, but damn he's got some shit gwan on.

Get on the Hypem for some tracks cuz we don't do that whole sharing thing...

Get To Your Local Scion Dealer

Remember when those Scion events and general marketing campaign was the big "free money" move for all events you ever threw or attended? You half can't take em seriously but they half come back with some quality stuff. Here's a quarter of that half from the other half - also known as their Sampler #26.

Toxic Avenger - Nonsense Anthem (The Juan Maclean Remix)

> Speaking of Scion, there is a KIA event coming to Miami next week -- bunch of friends and I are playing each night at AWAREHOUSE, downtown.

Below is the flyer for the first night, October 1st. Mr. Michna is gon be in town for the weekend. Gon have him play with me ....... at Chocolate Sundays that weekend too, so get both places ---- they both free. PS: Check out the Never Sleep Again blog for a cool review and some tracks of his.

Oct 1st is free drank n stuff -- the following 3 days they're going to be having a headliner perform. Dunno who is performing when aside from N.E.R.D. are playing Sunday w/ me djing beforehand.

>>>>>RSVP HERE<<<<<

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Final Edition - I Can Do It (Anyway You Want)

Ffwd to 3:10ish for the AVH x A-Trak sample.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good Look or Bad Look?

While I was in Paris, Nickopedia Catchdubs let me know about this upcoming album:

New Vampire Weekend album named Contra will be out January 11th
in the UK and 12th in the US via XL Recordings.


On an unrelated note; Manuvers has been asking for this QSO track; which you may recognize from the following track below. Cue-points in there already.

Quantic Soul Orchestra - Left & Right (226 VBR)

Red Astaire - Follow Me (224 VBR)

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's About Controlling Your Controller

Watched the Kanye 'outburst' on yesterday's MTV VMA Awards; somehow thought of KLF.

Excerpt from KLF documentary. 1,000,000 quid burnt.

The KLF - 3 AM Eternal (Acapella)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Just putting you up on him if you're not yet familiar. Think David Blaine meets that other guy w/ the crazy 'messed up' hair and black fingernails guy, except British.

I think he's on Season 3 or 4 now; search for his older episodes(especially the armored car one). Launching the season, his first trick, and later his explanation, is/was to predict the UK's Thunderball lottery numbers LIVE.

Meet Derren Brown:

Any guesses?

Friday, September 11, 2009

In Miami This Weekend?

Playing here alongside most other reputable djs in Miami.

Apparently N.E.R.D. wanted to do include Santi in their band recently. You can catch a bunch of vids w/ them rocking out at some MTV party on them innernets. (Laziest blog ever? Yes. Yes we are. At least I posted a photo.)

Flying to Paris on the 15th with the homegirl, so catch me before I leave.

Also, Happy Birthday DS!


I Got Him Beat

Whatchu Lookin At?

This ad for Amnesty International called Eye Tracking was recently installed on a bus stop in Hamburg, Germany - featuring a built-in camera and eye-tracking technology. When no-one is looking, the ad displays an image depicting a case of domestic violence. Once the camera detects an onlooker, it switches (after a delay), showing the same couple looking rather happy and normal.

The ad picked up the Cannes Lions 2009 Outdoor Silver Award and seems to make use of technology similar to that built into many digital cameras for blink and smile detection.

This is a brilliant use of technology that dramatically intensifies the ad’s already powerful message. I hope we see more interactive ads like this in the future.


3-times Better

Thursday, September 10, 2009


not-so-recently included in a Compost slow-disco compilation.

Hideki Matsutake's Logic System - Clash

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And Don't Stop

Ever since The Juan Maclean played Dirty Hairy a while back, I've been on the hunt for a bootleg of their live version of "Happy House". With Liv's multi-million dollar lighting as the backdrop for their 20-minute rendition that swooped in and out of tempo, I was hooked. And yes, if I had it, I would play the whole 20-minutes; right after 20+ minutes of extended solo's in a version of Rare Earth's "Get Ready" I just dusted off in my vinyl collection for recording.

Anyways, with no leads on actual bootleg recordings of their shows (found a few quality LCD Soundsystem ones though), I found the video below, which does not sound or look anywhere as good as what the Liv experience had; even the extend-o-happy-house is different; anyways:

Then I went on a hunt of trying to find ways to rip streaming videos to no avail - as I found out that they're pretty good at playing "Hide the video from Contra" game.


I was able to get one of the 6 songs, but only because they didn't hide it. Sooooo, if you're up on this computerthing-thang and can 'hash-check their XML code' and find out the hidden link and get that to me, I'd be appreciative.

Anyways, here's the mp3 of the ripped video that I got. Not recorded all that great, but you know, you're welcome.

The Juan Maclean - Give Me Every Little Thing (Live Extract from Point Ephémère, Paris, France) via Grand Crew

Is it cuz its raining?

I need more parties where I can play this ... and get a reaction that doesn't result in everyone giving me the stink-eye.

Maybe mix into Carly Simon's "Why" afterwards/before.
See you Friday at PS14?

Stretch - Why Did You Do It (12" Extended Mix)