Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Casual Sax Has A Posse

Here It is, our first official posse cut. Horror Core Rap to boot! Just in time for the holidays. Featuring Manuvers and Indio Picaro.

Sven Barth & Induce are: Casual Sax - Whorer Core from induce on Vimeo.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


only 7 posts in december...
promise ill post more next year.

so apparently JJ is in google pics

happy holidays

Friday, December 19, 2008


Apparently there's a drug scientists are testing out that "produces the benefits of exercise without all the hard work".  So Jake/Jemz, read more bout it here.  

Also, for any dj who has been told that they play their music too loud in the club; read this:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Induce Mixtape Available!!! Crunk - Freaked & Fucked Vol. 1


I just put out a new mix. You heard it here first. Freaked & Fucked! Support and buy that shit. It's cheap!

Buy It Here @ Turntablelab.com

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Old Epcot

I just came back from a week-long vacation from Disney World and for as awesome as Epcot is, it won't ever be as cool as it was. Here's some old footy from some things i miss.

This video's volume is really low, but the video itself is awesome.

And this is my favorite ride, Horizons, which they replaced with Mission To Mars. Whap Whap Whaaaaahh.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Remember This Guy?

So I'm sitting at home, trying to go through my newly built record shelves, trying to weed out crap, organize, etc; I take a break and check up on the internet.  I start watching all these video clips from the riots going down in Greece.  I'm thinking: "Damn that shit's crazy, but you remember what was REALLY CRAZY?  That Austrian nut who locked up his kids w/o his wife knowing!  Now that shit was crazy!"

So, then I thought, "Hmmpf, kinda haven't heard anything about Josef Fritzl in a while, I should probably check up on the most insane story I've heard in the last year."

Turns out, aside from 'just' imprisoning a number of his own children in a self-made underground prison, incestuous fathering of 4 more children with the eldest of his already imprisoned children, he also kept his mother locked up in the attic w/ bricked-up windows until her death!!

"It is unknown how long his mother was kept in a room without daylight, but Austrian newspapers speculate it could have been for up to 20 years."

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Expand and Contract Me

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Mix Up - Post Thanksgiving Weirdo Edition

This week, I kinda spazzed out and went all over the board for this mix, so don't look for any blends on this one, but DO look for downright dope on plastic. From Jazz to Blues to Dreamy to that new-old Soul sound, every song should make you feel something down deep. As per usual, this was recorded live at LVL 25 @ The Conrad Hotel. The first half is all vinyl, second half is serato. I figured since it's the post Thanksgiving edition, and Thanksgiving is less about the tradition (for me at least) and more about food, I would finally post this picture of the wonderful candy strawberries at the street fair in Italy. Everytime I look at it, it makes me want to fly back and eat one.


Hometeam Podcast


• King Curtis
• Nuyorican Soul
• Dinah Washington (Truth & Soul)
• Howlin Wolf
• Sa-Ra Creative Partners
• Herbie Hancock
• Faze-O
• Sebastien Tellier
• Stereolab
• Bjork
• Jarvis Cocker
• Juliette Commagere
• Scarlett Johansson
• Dungen
• Koushik
• The Kaldirons
• Mayer Hawthorn & The County

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hanging w/ Illegal Aliens

So apparently my man, Mike 'Deuce', is an unregistered citizen of the US; so on our way to Latin Cafe (should've been my first hint) for breakfast, (I'm freshly awake and rockin my Bowery Hotel slippers) we get pulled over . . .

3 more squad cars later, they frisk dude and put him in the back of their car after an "Immigration Violation" comes up on their laptop w/ a pic of him. While I, fresh from losing my wallet in NYC, have no ID to show the officers. The move??

c: "Nah, I dunno the guy."
p: "Do you have a cell phone?"
c: "Yeah."
p: "Ok, you're free to go, but we're towing this car, so you should probably call someone to pick you up."

10 minutes later, Aramis scoops me up in the Porsche. Mike's going downtown.

EDIT: He's freeish now; but unless you're clean, don't hang out w/ dude, anywhere.

The Clash - Police On My Back

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Joel's Wet Dream

This is really only relevant to anyone who knows Joel Meinholz (promoter of long-standing party Chocolate Sundays at Purdy Lounge & avid BMX/bike fan).  

Regardless, this ones for him:

Friday, November 28, 2008


i took the opportunity of posting a bit early and getting some things off my chest about this and the past few years of art basel. it seems to me that there is a high lack of "interesting" art out there and by interesting i mean things with a nice deep conceptual base and technical skill, it seems to me that most of this has been replaced with stuff that's cool. i do understand that art is a business in in order for the business to keep going you need to sell product, but it seems like there is a lack of quality but there is a lot more quantity. i cannot say this year will be great but from what i have seen so far again... its just more cool hip stuff. kinda like what happened to hip hop. oof lets not even go there.. speaking of hip hop not to go to much off topic, chocolate Sundays a party that most of us ( on the blog) dj at is having its regular monthly spelling bee this dec 7th and they are themeing it a 90s jam. meaning come dressed out in your best 90s gear (if you have some cross colors shit i suggest you bring that out) nautica jackets baggy jeans etc. i am looking more forward t that than the circus of what we call the art market that will be hitting us in a few days. (I've seen mad head sell out for cheap fame) by all means go and get yours but don't sell yourself short trying to achieve an imaginary place in a market who will only see you for the trend you are in... to me art should be able to stand the test of time and not just some trend that you see some dudes do and you think hey i can do that too that shits cool.
hahah ok imma stop hating yall do you
imma do me :)

i think its time for some revelations
2 live crew- revelations
ripped from my homeboys CD collection at 320

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mujava vs. Radioclit

The Swedes just[like 2 minutes ago, so we're dealing with now] hit me up w/ their (finally mastered) remix of DJ Mujava's Township Funk. The OG pretty much followed me around everywhere I went to dj outside of Miami these past couple months; but hopefully some Miamians(?) will pick up this version, and let it take over.

DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Radioclit Remix - Mastered)

Monday, November 24, 2008

my new crush

i would never get tired of looking at her face.

Monday Mix Up!!! Induce @ The Do-Over :: LA

I've been back a couple weeks now, but probably the best time I had while DJing in LA happened at this party, The Do-Over. Thrown by Stones Throw affiliates Aloe Black, Jamie Strong, and Chris Haycock, The Do-Over is a seasonal party that happens during the Summer, starts at 4 in the afternoon and is just simply about good music. Coincidentally, the week I played was the last installment of the Do-Over for the season so it was total blow out style with like, 8 DJ's including Dam Funk, J-Rocc, Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib, and even detroit repper House Shoes showed up and played a few. LA showed me lots of love and I would like to thank everyone at the Do-Over (as if people read this blog), ya'll made me feel at home. Big Up to Jamie and Aloe, and especially the mayor of LA, Havanna Joe for making it happen. This mix is ALL VINYL - No MP3's, no represses. Get with it if you can.


Hometeam Podcast


• The Future M.C.’s
• Camille
• Alfonzo
• Sylvia Striplin
• Sharon Redd
• Cheri
• K.I.D.
• Chic
• Gino Soccio
• Cameo
• The Time
• D-Train
• Gaston
• Patrice Rushen
• Daddy’s Favorite
• B.O.C. Productions
• Soho
• The Bucketheads
• Todd Terry, Martha Wash, Jocelyn Brown (MAW)
• Ruffneck (MAW)
• Marshall Jefferson
• Royal House (Todd Terry)
• Black Riot (Todd Terry)
• Cajmere
• Frankie Knuckles
• 2 Live Crew
• Success N Effect
• The Puppies
• The Dogs

Here's a pic of Sven as The King getting slammed by the one and only Dola.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Remember Circa 2008?

Damn, son.  Clubland has swallowed another spot; this time downtown luke-warm spot Circa 28 is already in the process of repossession.  If you got some loot, let's make it happen.  It "is a steal!"  Kinda weird that they'd sell this on Craig's List, no?

Takes Skin To Win

Booty contest went down at Purdy Lounge this past Sunday.

Bout 15 ladies got whittled down to 2 w/ the help of judges Jew Hefner, Pancho, and homegirl Erika from The Standard.

Here are a couple snaps, for more go to Joel's photoblog.

More on Mike Jew:

Jam Pony Express - Lick It Down

Done Did Dat Dere!

Awww sheeeit!   Done back in Miami; just got our innernets hooked up w/ the hookup; now back on the blog agaaaiin.

Tower of Power - Back On The Streets Again

That is all.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The Olde Addict Records is proud to announce the release of Doormouse's newest mix, 100% Pure Wisconsin Cheese.
While the Nu Addict Records seems swept up in a wave of 'in your face' internet posts and even more in your face 'breakcore', the Olde camp marches on in a display of keeping with the times with a mix full of your favorite artists. Artists like Akon, Justin Timberlake, Freestyle, Squarepusher, DJ Funk, L.O.N.S, Daft Punk, Debbie Bed, Uncle Al, Pitbull, Rick James and many, many more!!!
While other artists prefer to release on labels that they themselves have labeled 'lame', Doormouse keeps the faith right at home.
Executive Producer DJ Wedding DJ sees big thing for this 'net release, and has promised a follow up with a hottmixx of his own.
The choice is yours and the choice is simple, nu gimmicks with empty feelings or olde quality with products that last.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Mix Up!!!

New Monday Mix Up - It's a bit spacey, alot discoey, with a sprinkle of psychedelia. Again, recorded live weekly at Level25 in the Conrad Hotel on Brickell, every Friday night.


Hometeam Podcast


• Studio
• Emperor Machine
• Rudebox (Chicken Lips)
• Baby Oliver
• Windsurf
• Justin Timberlake (DFA)
• Metro Area
• Kerrier District
• Escort
• Tracey Thorn (Escort)
• Architecture In Helsinki
• Rah Band
• Brennen Green & Studio

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jock- Jock- Jockin Santi, Jockin Santi

"... in the building tonight!"

So a couple weeks ago, Santi opened up for T.I. & Jay-Z.  You may be familiar with them from such hit songs as "Every Other Song Played In A Nightclub" or the emotional ballad "If It's Not Playing Now, You'll Hear It Soon".

So I was kinda excited for the show -- not really our part of it, but more the 'everything but us' part.  I mean, this is 'the guy'.  He is on top on top.  He's the dude in the orgy who is like: "Aight, who is licking on my toes?!" [Hmm, that analogy totally fell short of what was once funny in my head; but here's to no rewrites in '08.]  

Anyways, as I was saying; so he's on top of the game killin everyone Rambo II style; and for the top guy doin his 'on top show', Saltmaster Flash (that'd be me) kinda felt it wasn't all that great.  I mean, its hard to knock a show that is stacked full of classic/soon-to-be-classic bangers, but even so, we're working somewhere in the ranges of 7.5 out of 10, definitely no higher than 6.5.  You know, being the balanced critic that I am, (a luxury which I like to afford myself, as its waaayy easier than actually making 70 gazillion hit songs), I was definitely let down.  If i were a fan spending $300 to get close enough to feel his sweat fall on me, I probably wouldn't really care either way, but back-row seats people -- i know you hear me.  
And no, in my brief interaction w/ dude, i didn't tell him to his face that his show was 'womp' . . . but i did tell santi to tell him for me.

I wish i had more photos/video of the show --- especially his 1990's techno-screensaver graphics that were projected on the massive screens above the stage. But below is pretty much all I snapped.

The "I Got So Many Hits" Encore Segment:

* yeah DJ AM (looking like not a damn thing happened to him) was on stage as Jayz DJ; as in there were turntables on stage, and he had headphones on sometimes -- but i'm thinking it prolly went along the lines of what Craze does w/ Kanye now -- cuz there was a mega ProTools station at the side of the stage.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Next Year For My BDay, I Want You Guys To Get This Guy To Perform.

So, I have been holding on to these for a while and just wanted to share them. For as amazing as they are, they can not even come near to the holy cloth of the man himself.


I Know Somebody Who's Not Getting A Tip.

The other day, some friends and I are sitting and eating dinner, talking about who knows what, when we hear this huge sound of metal on metal. It sounded a bit far so it wasn't loud enough to frighten us, but it was loud enough to spark our attention, that is, until our falafel came and we quickly forgot about it, writing the noise off as simply someone taking out the garbage, the sound a dumpster might make.

About 10 minutes go by and my friends dad, who is as inquisitive and quirky as an 11 year old, couldn't let it go (neither could I, but I was too lazy to get up, as per usual), and he walks to the back alley of the restaurant. Needless to say, the huge noise we heard was actually what it sounds like when your Valet guy falls asleep at the wheel and drives your brand new BMW SUV over a ledge and on top of a couple other cars. I think he was just jealous there was another BMW SUV in the area. Funny thing is, there's this huge crowd of rubberneckers (including me) and the dude is still asleep behind the wheel and the cops aren't there yet. Eventually, a paramedic jumps on top of the hood of the Magnum and the dude gets pulled out the window, wakes up, and finds all the change he was stealing had fallen out of his pockets. Whomp whomp.

This sooo needs to be a BMW SUV commercial. and maybe a TV show too called: BMW SUV:Miami.

So I know the image isn't great, but it's the only one I have.

Monday, November 3, 2008


So as many of you don't know i just got back from chi, OK more like last week. I've just been a tad lazy on uploading my pictures from my digi-cam, which are not all that great. first of all id like to say that Chicago (from what i know) has the best style of American food I've ever experienced (u know pizza, hot dogs, burgers) and a very large number of very cheap and good Mexican restaurants. Another thingy noticed about chi is that there are not only a few but a large amount of record stores, and when you walk in there's people actually buying vinyl.
Kumas corner
a metal style burger joint whose burger names range from every good metal band you can imagine. this here is the slayer. no bread just burger goodness
for some reason the pic is not the right angle

best stuffed pizza ever

Hot dougs
gourmet hot dogs, this place is awesome and i wish there was one down here. they have weird sausages like deer, elk, ostrich, gator etc etc.
gator sausage with blue cheese

now what i really wanted to see was a good ol' juke style dance formation, but i didn't get to see that. maybe next time chi town

special thanks to all the homies out there who posted me up and showed me around, Mando, Gloe, Dirty 30, Vibrator crew (II) and anyone else i forgot.

DJ thadz- da juke a later

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Studies Say Depression Hits Losers Hardest

Gotta do a wrap-up of this last Santogold tour across the US, but currently scamming wireless from a neighbor, and that shit is SLOOOOWW . . . . so i'm gon have to wait on that to upload photos/vid etc.

That said, i'm looking forward to this next week; I'm dipping out w/ Santi again -- opening up for Jay-Z one night, and then opening for this Get Out and Vote concert.  

If you're in town, lemme know.

I got nothing else.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yo i got the ill nasal drip, and its not from putting anything in my schnose. As i get ready to head up north (chicago) i get the feeling that i really need to get over this (whatever it is) cold? i heard its nice and cool up there not to mention windy and a tad dry so last thing i need is to head up there with a weak imune system (hopes for the best). Today i'll be going a different route with the upload, no funk/soul this time. As all of you do not know i am an avid oldschool electro/ miami bass collector so here I'm going for some classic Cali electro/freestyle from the year 1988 i bring you segment 2. You've probably never heard of them, mainly because they only released one single on tandeem records (cameron pauls label) none the less i really used to enjoy playing this track out (98-2003 ish) went well with other more well known cali tracks (x-men bonus beats, this is a test, Chain gang) hopefully you'll enjoy i as much as i have i decided to upload the Dub version for its lack of verses and added (fun) samples/ chop ups. If you dont who cameron paul was heres a nice little video i found on you tube about dude mixing it up, hes not mix master mike but he throws it down.

and heres him talking a bit abou the bay area scene

haha that vid is classic
anywho enough with my vids and shit, like you cant go look for yourselves (sheesh)
segment 2- cold pump that body dub

here a link to the actual track on youtube with verses
maybe next post ill do something about dj efx

Monday, October 20, 2008

the message

and what a message i have, i cant stand having some sort of cough or sickness. so far i've been bed ridden mainly because of my foot and now i have a sore throat, whatever no one cares haha now for my joy.
Cymande - what a great group, bringing us hits like brothers on the slide and BRA. formed in London England around 1971 , they mixed a form of calypso jazz music and American soul. too bad they disbanded 4 years later. i bring to you their initial single "the message" sampled by masta ace "me & the biz," and MC Solaar : Bouge de là

cymande- the message

Saturday, October 18, 2008


So, on the side I'm pretty political (PALIN 2012!!!)
I also disc jockey. I'm going to start touring supporting my home girls in '09.


It has been recently brought to my attention, as if i already did not know. I haven't been posting a lot recently, mostly because i have found myself not having anything to post about. Well fellow dj friend Contra explained to me no one cares. He gave me a few ideas of what i could post, since i have been ripping my vinyl collection to mptrees (not WAV sorry not enough room, nor money. so save it ryan) i'll be uploading atleast one track per week. Why just one track? because im greedy AHAHAHAHA ALL MINE COOKIE YUM, and lazy.
Anywho without further adue Lester Abrams AKA a lot of other bands but mostly i really appreciate this track. L.A Carnival, which used to be the les smith soul band, lester changed the name to LA carnival. The group was not a very big hit during the time, as for the group it slowly faded away.
which reminds me, off topic last night as i was laying i am of one color. My boy decided to ask me if i have any lighter shade of brown or fuschinckens which i dont. so i need to remember to get that, and what other way to do so than to post it here.

so now that i went of on a rant about something that has nothing to do with LA carnival or the track color

here it is for you

La Carnival- Color

also heres a nice little interview by stones throw on boob tube you snoob lube yoube

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pinch Hitter Reaches Pinnacle Of Career, Only To Have His "Ass Hammered" By Teammates.

I'm not really one for sports talk or sports in general, but if I knew what that this was what it was all about, I would have signed up years ago.

http://view.break.com/588142 - Watch more free videos

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday Mix Up (On Tuesday) :: Fixed Tracklisting

New Podcast up...This time it's more along the lines of Indy Dancey stuff, once again recorded live weekly at Level25 in the Conrad Hotel on Brickell, every Friday night.


Hometeam Podcast


• Cut Copy
• Hercules & Love Affair - Blind
• Junior Boys
• Santogold (XXXChange)
• Thom Yorke (XXXChange)
• LCD Soundsystem
• Brazilian Girls (Carl Craig)
• Carina Round
• Lykke Li (Tim Goldsworthy)
• Moby (Holy Ghost!)
• Chaz Jankel (Hercules & Love Affair)
• New Young Pony Club
• LadyHawke (Cut Copy)
• Goldfrapp (Alan Braxe & Fred Falke)
• Broadcast
• Bat For Lashes

Friday, October 3, 2008

Zen Munchkin

Its been awhile since "ve posted, so I thought I'd pop in a leave a zen munchkin to brighten up your day.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rehash Redux

Found this cool illustration & animation(below) at

"Brazilian director Marcelo Garcia directed this fantastic promo piece for Max Haus,
a modular loft producer.  The result is a freeform piece exploring habitat,
diversity, living, and taste. Production credit goes to Molho, a studio 
based in Sao Paulo. The piece was made over a month and a half using
several types of animation techniques and styles executed 
by Molho’s 2d and 3d teams."

Yeah, blah, whatever . . . doesn't even matter what its for.  Just watch it muted - and play Spank Rock's "Primetime" instead.  Kinda like that Wizard of Oz vs. Pink Floyd thingthang.

* Well, it pretty much works with most anything u want to play on top of it.  So you know, have fun w/ that. 

Also, they wrote up on this site -- Cymbolism.com
You know how they say that colors trigger/inspire certain moods/desires/thoughts within the human body? Well, how about what words invoke colors?
If I say "Confusion" . . . what color would you associate to that word? Go ahead and check out the site --- pretty interesting to see which colors most people relate to each word.

Bout to Watch This VP Debate Thang

 . . . and lemme just put this thought out there -- we'll see if i'm at all accurate.  

I'm sure you've heard/seen a bunch about how Palin's a dolt, and will horribly fail in the VP job if she can even get past the 'debate' w/ 'Barracuda' Joe Biden(I totally just made up that nickname, think it should stick).  

Anyways, I'd like to predict that she not only won't make an ass of herself, she'll actually do . . . um, i dunno, O.K.  All this talk about her being an idiot will then be surmounted by her mediocre, yet passable, performance on these debates that the press has been billing as a massacre.

It goes back to my own famous words: "You will never fail if you don't try." 

Expectations of Palin's performance = Ooooof!
Palin's performance = OK
Resulting view on Palin = Not that bad; if not at least, way better than was to be expected.

Well, debates have started, lets just see if the GOP was able to craft this 'upset'.  Dunno if this all made sense, but got no time to check it over.

Sudok-On This

Apparently, according to an "I'm in the know" friend of mine, I'm one of the last remaining people that still uses Hotmail as my primary e-mail account; I guess my spam-filter blocked that "G-mail is IN" msg.  

Anyways, I've had the same account since 1996; which I got after going to my friend Sasha's house --- the first person I knew connected to them Internets

I remember being really unimpressed w/ it.  I mean, he was the only other person I knew w/ e-mail, and with no computer at my home, the only person I could send an e-mail to would be him, and it'd be sent from his parents' office.  It was funny the first couple hundred times, but you know . . . what with a 28.8 dial-up connection, it really took a solid effort to go through with sending that fart joke.

Anyways, back to Hotmail.  For those not familiar w/ using The Gates' letterhead, every time you logout, you are sent to MSN.com.  Now every time you navigate away/to this page, especially if you're a user of Hotmail, it'll cater its news and ads to you; kinda like when you're searching for mp3s and you get ads telling you about hot chicks in *wherever you're based* trying to hook up w/ you.  ("Oh hell yeah!  Score! Um, wait a sec . . .")

Well, this article came up, I clicked it, I read it, and now I'm sharing it.  
Read it, and then maybe you too will resist jumping to the back of those mind-numbing magazines the next time you're on a plane looking to pass the time.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Learning To Fly (Emlord Edit)

And You Don't Stop

Pittsburgh, Hoooah!!!

My boy ToddK, or when I hung with him, DJ Absolut, hailing from The Burgh o' Pitts . . . hit me up w/ this remix he did of The Whispers' "Rock Steady".  
*EDIT: Apparently, he's now to be known as KEEB$ . . .

Here's the OG video so that you can get to work on your dance moves when this gets dropped.

The Whispers - Rock Steady (Keeb$ Remix)

Also here's a mix he put together for something or other.
Keeb - Ceiling Stack Mix

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Storming The Castle

I recently took a trip to Italy with my good friend and associate, Aramis. We stayed, for the most part, in a small town called Ortona, which is, historically, an important city in Italy because of its port and has been involved in many wars. Parts of the town were built over 1,000 years ago and the whole town itself was originally surrounded by a stone wall, which was built with any type of stone or rock that could be found laying around, including ancient roman ruins.

Ok, enough with the boring history lesson. Anyway one night Aramis and I found ourselves standing in front of this castle, weary yet intrigued. We had heard stories about ghosts and Pagan shrines found in excavation and at 4am, there ain't much to do in Ortona except jump a fence and trespass in a 1,400 year old castle. That or have drunken sex with some hot, slightly over-tanned, yet hopefully undersexed Italian woman, but unless it was between me and Aramis, ain't none of that mess was happening on our trip. (What am I even talking about??!?!?)

Either way, we're standing outside of this ancient, powerful symbol of times past, Aramis looking slightly hesitant - scratch that, not slightly, VERY! As per usual, I'm looking to get into some trouble, urging Aramis that the time is NIGH! I say we just go in, see how to actually get into the castle and take a quick look before we come back tomorrow for the real deal adventure. He regretfully agrees and we run back to Mario's to grab the smallest flashlight we could find. Actually, this town is so dead quiet at night that running would have been too loud and even our normal pace of walking was making way too much noise.

Let's do the math: Ancient, mostly destroyed, possibly haunted Castle + the darkness of 4am + Dead Silence = Indiana Jones!

I dream of shit like this. For real if anyone in Miami is into this whole "Urban Exploration" thing, holler at me.

So on we go, we hop the fence, which is almost a joke if it's meant to keep people out (did I mention the castle is closed to the public??), and take our first steps into the unknown. I think you can actually see a ghost in a couple of them. Or maybe a Dark Overlord.


One last thing before this post starts to get long-winded (as if it hasn't already). I was and still am under the impression that there would be rooms and chambers and cellars and torture rooms, but as you can see in the pictures, there didn't seem to be any of that. Where the pictures were taken is only a fraction of how far down the castle's foundations are and I am still determined to find such rooms, even if they tell me that some war called "World War 2" basically bombed out everything and it was all covered in dirt. I DON'T BELIEVE 'EM!!! This castle was built into a mountain and there's gotta be a secret passageway somewhere at the bottom or something. I guess I'll find out next year!