Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rehash Redux

Found this cool illustration & animation(below) at

"Brazilian director Marcelo Garcia directed this fantastic promo piece for Max Haus,
a modular loft producer.  The result is a freeform piece exploring habitat,
diversity, living, and taste. Production credit goes to Molho, a studio 
based in Sao Paulo. The piece was made over a month and a half using
several types of animation techniques and styles executed 
by Molho’s 2d and 3d teams."

Yeah, blah, whatever . . . doesn't even matter what its for.  Just watch it muted - and play Spank Rock's "Primetime" instead.  Kinda like that Wizard of Oz vs. Pink Floyd thingthang.

* Well, it pretty much works with most anything u want to play on top of it.  So you know, have fun w/ that. 

Also, they wrote up on this site --
You know how they say that colors trigger/inspire certain moods/desires/thoughts within the human body? Well, how about what words invoke colors?
If I say "Confusion" . . . what color would you associate to that word? Go ahead and check out the site --- pretty interesting to see which colors most people relate to each word.

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