Monday, September 29, 2008


Go Here ---->Hometeam Podcast

Starting last week, I will be recording an hour and a half set every week from my Friday night gig at Level 25 in the Conrad Hotel. Hopefully, people will like it and come to the party. On the other hand, no one will come, they will fire me, and I will go broke and be forced to sell my body on the street. As much I would prefer the latter, the former would be slightly easier. Slightly.

Tracks by:

-AntiBalas Afrobeat Orchestra
-Poets Of Rhythm
-Gwen McCrae
-Alphonze Mouzon
-Keni Burke
-Carol Douglas
-Sylvia Striplin
-Marvin Gaye
-Raphael Saadiq
-Janet Jackson (J Dilla)
-Sa-Ra Creative Partners
-Midnight Star
-The Extra T's
-Richard Bone
-Bobby Caldwell


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ms. Alaska 84

The future Vice Prez . . .

Let's Get Em All Out Of The Way

Here's one of the illest ads I've ever seen. CP&B - STEP YO GAME UP!!!

This one is from Daryl Hall's YouTube page where every month he Brings in some friends. This episode we have Chromeo talking about how dudes recorded "Can't Go For That."

Clip From of The Master himself, Morgan Geist, speaking on his new album, Double Night Time.

Things I'm Feeling These Days (Other Than Myself)

And Finally, After Finishing Season 5, I Feel As If There Is A Void In My Life. Well, There's Always The Corner.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

DJ Huggs Loves 'Ye

Today Mr. Montreal (but now faking the funk living in LA) put me up on, of all places, Kanye West's blog, where he's just posted up the individual parts to his latest voo-oo-occ-ood-eded-ed-d chune, Love Lockdown.  

Get them stems here; then go ahead and spend some time working out a remix.  Then put it up on your MySpace/Facebook.  Then blast it out to all your friends and internet acquaintances.  Then wait for erryone to lurvv it.  

Go Kanye!  Get bizzy!(?)  Let someone else make that song good for ya!  Oowa oowa!

Hey, No, Wait, Check This!

Take 1 part YouTube + 5 parts People Huddled around a laptop screen = Seemingly Forever

Laughs and commentary follows the vids . . . 
. . . . and then the party ended when i showed my vid:

Yeah, I know.  But we're in Cleveland . . . I mean, really!??!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

With Friends Like These . . .

Yeah, so no tracks to share.

Go buy it here, now. 

In the meantime I'm keeping busy taking over the world one air-horn at a time.

Read a wispy review from The Boston Globe.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am here for a week
Last night we saw Ive Dimchev
...and Sun Ra Arkestra
for the second night in a row.
The venue for the Arkestra is less than a block from our hotel.
We are working in eight point surround all week from ten to ten and then performing it on Friday.
It's like flying a spaceship. I'm pretty sure we're stuck in the Bermuda Triangle still.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Am What I Buy

Tie into the previous post about the Adbuster's article on the hipster-generation; there is now this:

I'm speaking of New York Times columnist Robert Walker's new book, Buying In.

About 5-6 years ago, while I was working at The Fader Magazine and parent company, Cornerstone Promotions, I was asked by my boss to meet/greet/be interviewed by Mr. Walker.  All I knew was that he was writing a book about 'cool' and marketing.

So he flew down, and we met over dinner, (I suggested some fancy spot on South Beach cuz the NYTimes got that bawllrr status), and we exchanged stories about how deep this "Merchants of Cool" thing really goes [click previous link for a good FRONTLINE episode on it all].  I told him how I approached 'projects', and he would tell me sociological results of similar campaigns.

It was weird but interesting.  For example, next time you are at a bar that sells bottled beers. Take a second and look around at the people holding the bottles.  How are they holding them? According to Walker, and i've noticed as well since he told me, around 80% of the individuals will subconsciously be framing their hand so that the label is visible to others.  To them/us, it just 'feels' like the right way to hold the bottle.

Anyways, here's a synopsis of the book:

"Brands are dead. Advertising no longer works.  Weaned on TiVo, the Internet, and other emerging technologies, the short-attention-span generation has become immune to marketing. Consumers are “in control.” Or so we’re told.
In Buying In, New York Times Magazine “Consumed” columnist Rob Walker argues that this accepted wisdom misses a much more important and lasting cultural shift. As technology has created avenues for advertising anywhere and everywhere, people are embracing brands more than ever before–creating brands of their own and participating in marketing campaigns for their favorite brands in unprecedented ways. Increasingly, motivated consumers are pitching in to spread the gospel virally, whether by creating Internet video ads for Converse All Stars or becoming word-of-mouth “agents” touting products to friends and family on behalf of huge corporations. In the process, they–we–have begun to funnel cultural, political, and community activities through connections with brands.

Walker explores this changing cultural landscape–including a practice he calls “murketing,” blending the terms murky and marketing–by introducing us to the creative marketers, entrepreneurs, artists, and community organizers who have found a way to thrive within it. Using profiles of brands old and new, including Timberland, American Apparel, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Red Bull, iPod, and Livestrong, Walker demonstrates the ways in which buyers adopt products, not just as consumer choices, but as conscious expressions of their identities.

Part marketing primer, part work of cultural anthropology, Buying In reveals why now, more than ever, we are what we buy–and vice versa."

Anyways, if you still read books, and are into sociology/anthropology/me -- I'm definitely up in this book somewhere.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

* Bourne For President *

Let it be known, I will forever watch and support any and all Matt Damon films after watching this clip!
Hands down, he verbalizes one of the best points I've yet heard in the media regarding why the sham choice of nominating Sarah Palin as VP is reason enough to vote for almost anyone else.

*Actuary Tables = Projections on human lifespans.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Junglist MASSive!

*Culled from


Shout to ToddK for pointing out that Discodust is hosting an electro remix of the Messiah tune.  It's 1999 all over again.

Le Castle Vania & Computer Club - The Messiah

First Dibs!!

Any Bidders?

Read more about it here at AOL News; but the long and short of it is, a 22-yr old confused girl is auctioning off her virginity . . .

Hmm . . .

I see you man.   

You're thinking: "What's the price?  I got some duckets."

Well, she's hoping to get $1 million!

Apparently the product is backed by a lie-detector and medical examination certification.

Um. Yeah.

This world done gone to shit a while ago.

Webbie - Gimme That Pussy (ft. Bun B)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Subscription Renewal

I've only ever had a subscription to three magazines in my life.  

Chronologically, they are:

Sports Illustrated for Kids
 - My grandmother would renew this subscription every birthday of mine, even well after I had stopped reading it.

Mad Magazine
- My parents (read: Mom, cuz Dad didn't approve) would renew this every Christmas. 

- The only subscription I ever had taken out myself.  Actually, wait, that's a lie.  I asked my sister to get it for me.  But I definitely renewed it a couple times.

Anyways, I've been off the magazine diet for a while now, what with 'being green' and broke.  That said Adbusters was/is a great magazine, and since my birthday is coming up real quick (go to Luis's tonight!) . . . *hint, hint* . . . . . .  (EDIT:  If you couldn't pick up on that hint, and you're looking for a bday present for me, get me a subscription to Adbusters.  Thanks.  Love you long time.) 

Also, they've got an interesting article on the Hipster countered-counter-cultured-cultures.
Buy the issue, and/or read this particular article online here.

In anti-segue news, when I used to work in radio -- I got this promo:  

The artwork pretty much forces your arm to throw it in the nearest trash can, but thankfully I put it on the turntable to listen to.  The whole album isn't great - but there are definitely some stand-out tracks.

Sound Defects - Faded Soul

EDIT: Now that I'm re-listening to it, here's another nice cut off the LP.
Sound Defects - Standing 8

*A word to any aspiring artists sending/handing out promos -- eat Ramen for another month or two so that u can save up for some better design/packaging -- it really does make a difference.  Giving out something that looks doo-doo, pretty much guarantees the same reaction. I can only imagine how much stuff a writer at Rolling Stone has to wade through to get to their bed. They probably listen to 1% of it.

its my birthday....

and i'll wake up to the sound of an automated fire alarm guy if i want to. Seriously, really annoying. So if you haven't heard i was born today and i'm celebrating here.

featuring the sounds of dj contra mike deuce and special guests induce and aramis.. should be a great night filled with laughter and tears.
On a lighter note nano universe and clark have release a new peter pan shoe..awesome.

now you can not only look like a fairy but dress like one too.

So i guess the secret for eternal childlike life will not be a secret anymore...
but this still is...
KFC will be transfering their secret recipie to another high security location... get your wings here.
So maybe if you intercept this transaction you will not only hold the key to fried chicken.. but the key to eternal life in your peter pan boots.....

crazy legs- happy and you know it

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bison Vs. Lion Vs. Crocodile Vs. Bisons


When Morsy was down here last week, he played me a bunch of his tunes -- one of which was his "Jockin' Jay-Z" remix.  
Wasn't really feeling it too much.  I've tried playing out the original tune a couple times in Miami, and it's always fallen flat.  Imagine if I went w/ Morsy's version instead . . . . 

Anyways, since no one in Miami is all that familiar w/ the tune, I decided to just strip it way down, and go a different route with it.  Banged this out in a couple hours; it may go through a couple more changes (e.g. a melody perhaps), but it's on some basic club level now that seems to work.  Played it at MoneyShot & Purdy this weekend; went off both times.