Saturday, May 31, 2008

Memorial Day (Late Pass)

From Pharoahe's most recent LP.

Pharoahe Monch - Welcome To The Terrordome

Also the Chocolate Sundays party during Memorial Day weekend was super ridiculously packed!  Induce said he left after Pancho's b-day song & cupcake(of course), and was met w/ a line around the corner to get in.  

Shout to Soarse on the mic, and Gookie for the cupcakes!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Climber's Huge In Japan

Jake Jefferson, lame/lazy-ass-poster on this blog, and 1/2 of Climber has got a track on the new Stussy x Turntable Lab compilation that BluJemz helped put together.  EggFooYoung's also got a beat on it.

There were only 500 made -- so if you buy 100 of em, you've got the eBay market on lock when these producers blow up.

If Jake's nice, and/or even received a copy, I'm sure he'll post up his track . . . someday.

Stop Me How?

Vid for Rza's new single. Read an older post for the mp3.

of '08?!

Usually has a pretty good and varied assortment of tunes.  Hmmm . . . 

I Seeee Youu!

Deep in the Amazon jungle, one of the Brazil's last uncontacted indigenous tribes has been photographed from the air, to prove its existence.

Get'em Doggie!

It is understood that when the plane first overflew the village, the people scattered into the forest. When it returned a few hours later they had painted themselves red and fired arrows into the sky.

"They must have suffered some sort of trauma in the past and must know that contact is not a good thing," Fiona Watson, of Survival International, said.

Read/see more here.

Here's two tracks off of KPM Library record 1130 -- loosely scripted as 'Afro-Rock'.  
Dedicated to shooting arrows at planes . . . which only reminds me of the first Indiana Jones movie, and how bad the last one was.  Ooof.  

KPM 1130 - Survival

KPM 1130 - Heavy Water

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Made Me Laugh

Found on DJ Soul's blog; an AIM conversation w/ rapper Jean Grae:

Naeem, I'll see you back stage!

Quick, Run!

If you haven't checked out my good friends at Fully Fitted, do so.  Now.

Alex has been known to put up a bunch of his productions -- at least those that he's already been paid for, and/or isn't getting released.  
Chris posts up pictures of homemade breakfast which always look really good and make me sad and jealous.  
Ron posts . . . stuff.

I bring them up now, because what with me not having a computer for a minute, I missed the instrumental for Alexxx's "Nausea" remix he did for Beck.  

Get It. Play It.

Also, if you're nice, you should try asking for his Dave Gahan remix.  Super-tempted to post it, but promised not too.  Really came out well.  Then again, its been over six(?)-months+ . . .   

Gimme the word mang!

The New Indiana Jones Movie

Let me sum up the movie as no other reviewer has:

I'm not spoiling anything by saying that once the 13th Crystal Skull is found and replaced, the Mayan(?) temple spins away to reveal an alien spaceship underneath that takes off into the sky.  
That's the end of the movie, and its probably one of the brighter spots.  The only thing George Lucas missed was casting Jar-Jar Binks as the alien(s).  

But don't worry, they dropped enough 'subtle' hints that there will be a continuation of the Indiana Jones story.  They're gon replace Harrison with the 'Mutt' character, who *surprising plot-twist* turns out to be Indiana's son.

I just saved you $10 and 2+ hours of your life. You're welcome.

On another note, gotta watch this movie again.  

Up N Strolling.

Been through 3 computers in the last 4 days; trying to get situated before the Santogold tour.  Now my crates aren't showing up, and apparently the latest Serato update isn't 'approved' for Mac OS 10.5.3, etc, etc.

Also, felt like the blog needed a breather to soak up all that is/was Dan's agggggrrroo-post.  Bad day chum?!

Well, let's move things forward.

Looks like Lily Allen's on the same diet I am.

And in other news . . .

In the near future (*edit: Thursday night) my boy EggFooYoung, now 'known' as Michna (sellout!)(Ghostly | Turntable Lab) is coming into town for a weekend of gigs.  

It's crazy to me that I've known this guy for about 10 years!  I still remember one of his first mixtapes -- he did this little beat-juggling session w/ Common's "Funky For You" using that "I can break it down..." section, then switchin up the speeds as he juggled it.  He did the routine at one of my backyard Ill Sessions parties my 1st year living off-campus; I'm pretty sure that was the same party that ended w/ 7 MPD squad cars and a helicopter!  

Anyways, I stole this track off his laptop ~2 years ago.  I know he never checks our blog, so I figured I'd post it up; don't rat us out.  That and apparently you have to post up a Diplo-related track to get on Hype Machine. (WTF?!  Anybody got the connect?  Darko?!  Roxy?!  Bueller?!?)  

Diplo - Way More (EggFooYoung Remix)

And this song outshined the rest of Like Water For Chocolate for me.  I'm pretty sure the late Jay-Dee produced it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just a lil' summin' summin' from a bit back...

Okay, fat chicks, please stop requesting Trina's new song 'Single Again'. You're not single again, you just got ass raped in the Lounge bathroom, again. That is not a relationship. That is a business transaction for another Long Island date rape Tea. No, I don't have it, will never have it. When you ask why, I really want to puke on your over exposed cleavage, but I also want to keep my job so I'll just tell you that i forgot to download it. WHUPS! I FORGOT TO DOWNLOAD IT....on your fucking face. Get a life. And please come back and spend your minimum wage Burger King paycheck.

Also, middle aged guys with a gut and a goatee, please don't ask me for some 'breakdance, y'know, wikki wikki wikki n shit'. No, I don't know...I mean, I do, but I'm playing a solid set of roots... music I actually don't mind and I'm forgetting where I am for 10 minutes you fuck. Sorry, I mean, "Oh yeah, I'll get that right on".
Breakdance your ass off you emotionally crippled excuse for a human being with a life.

Speaking of backbreaking, don't make a request and tell me you're going to give me 10 bucks to play it and then give me 7. Fuck sake, 7 is not 10. Thank you Miami-Dade school system for manufacturing some of the most impressive reasons to keep abortion legal. Jesus saves, etc.

Still on breakdancing...
Sunday Andy Smith from Portishead played at the Lounge. Who cares. I checked out about 5 minutes of 'UK breakbeat' after I was forced to get off of my chair (in my underwear, watching MMA eating a salad) in order to fix a sound issue.
Amatuer titbag DJ says "I can't get no sound in the headphones".
Look, next time, stay home and figure out how a MOTHERFUCKING DJ mixer works. Turntables plug into the PHONO jacks. They have a different IMPEDANCE than line levels. You'll actually get a signal and I won't have to get off of my ass and bring an extra turntable from my set up because you think one is acting 'sticky'. Jesus, you can't DJ your way out of an HIV positive cat's ass. STAY HOME AND PRACTICE. This goes for all of you wack ass suck-n-fuck cociane whore DJ's...pretty much 98.9% of Miami....Stay home, do yourself a favor.
Ah, whatever. This city wouldn't know quality unless it was served with free drinks and syphilis. Then it'd be something familiar.
and still with the breakdancing...
If you're gonna have a 'rapper' 'band'', please leave Kenny G and the Jamsters out of it. If I wanted to hear smooth jazz improvised poorly with 'yo, here we go, we're in the flow and you know that we blow, yiggidy yoyoyo' I'd put on an US3 record and send more hate mail to Blue Note.

Also, to the guys in the parking lot, that was the best fight I've seen, EVER!!! seriously, it made me sick to my stomach. Foot stomp to the face? check. Knee to the head? check (multiple) Full force hip toss? check. Piledriver onto asphalt? oh yes. And that was just the first minute. But a word to the guy that caught the worst (not that there was a best)...try not saying 'Is that all you got?' over and over. That's why you got choked out in the end and had to have the fight stopped while you tried to walk away and got melon punched over and over...You were out of gas from talking so much. But really, kudo's for the broken bones, concussion's, split faces and brain damage. Very entertaining. When you asked 'how did I do, did I win...' I wasn't sure if you meant in life or the fight. Either way, I don't think there were any winners there. Good luck with that long term memory loss.

See you in the club. PLUR.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

DJ Booths Need Cup-Holders

Thursday - 3:12 A.M.
Drink spills fully on my laptop.

Jump into action like Batman on speed.
Grab towel.
Wipe furiously.

Computer operates fine. Consider getting back on decks, but opt out.

Friday - 1:36 P.M.
Turning on the computer, I notice that the mouse works fine, yet the keyboard merely teases me. First it gives me numbers when I'm on letters, then it gives me crazy symbols, then it just stops . . . sometimes.

Saturday - 4:40 P.M.
Mac genius doesn't notice water-damage; computer is under warranty, suggests a replacement which will take 5-7 days.
I don't have 5-7 open/free days that I can wait for a Mac engineer to notice the liquid residue, void my warranty, mail back the laptop asking for $800; or hope that they won't notice.
So I bought a USB keyboard.  Aside from impractically, so far so good.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I'm officially coining the phrase 'Seratoitis'. I've been on a mission to trim the fat from my digital collection that's been amassing for the past year plus since making the official switch to digital disc jockey from vinyl hold out. HOLY SHIT. I have A LOT OF C-R-A-P....and it gets in the way. So far I've gotten rid of at least 7 gigs of Fatman Scoop edits, off key mash ups, poor quality edits, half baked remixes, low bit rate stuff, etc. I didn't even know I had Deicide on my drive until Monday's reggae night when I started playing a half hour Marley live set at four in the morning and did my usual 'check for strange stuff' run. That started it all. I've been on a mission ever since to trim trim trim. I've noticed that I'm addicted to downloading much the same way I was to vinyl digging. Shit, I just deleted the shitty track I forgot I was listening to while I typed that last sentence...
Anyway, it's like going record digging, except everything is free...I'm having to learn to take breaks, really listen to everything and filter filter filter.
Anyone wanna buy some used MP3's?

"You Got Knocked The Fuck Out!"

Vanilla Ice is fist-pumping right about . . . Now!

TMZ has the goods on Suge Knight gettin his ass knocked out!

Btw, if Suge ever has a movie made about him --- put a beard on Deebo:

Ice Cube - Friday (Instrumental)

Comin, Comin, Back, Back from Jamaica

Well, more specifically, my roommate just got back.

Last time she was down there, she put me up on the Gearbox Riddim - which is/was huge down there. 
*Choice selection on the riddim is Erup's "Clik Mi Finger".

This time around, aside from bringin me some amazing jerk sauce & a bottle of rum, she let me know that now its the Mission Riddim runnin tings.  

Here are two takes - just so that if/when you're djing, you can semi-'run' the riddim, instead of just dropping the one and lookin like a chump.

Bounty Killer - ?

Mavado - I'm On The Rock Remix (ft. Jay-Z)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

With A Quickness

So when a TV bobblehead known as Don Imus made his "...nappy-headed hoes" comment a couple days/months/years(?) back Doormouse was quick to react and grabbed the sample and plugged it into this *cough* 'bmore-ish' song.

It was obviously more of a joke than anything, and after playing it a for a couple weeks at Purdy Lounge, the moment had passed . . . I thought.

Right around that very moment, I get hit up on AIM from . . . um, John Doe, who is raving/laughing about a new song Tittsworth did.  And Voila, it was a Don-Imus-Bmore-Ooof-'song'.  Now, little did the blog-world know, Doormouse's song pretty much ruled vs. Jesse's, and it was 'out' at least two weeks earlier.  Yet, Titts' song went on to further propel Jesse up in the blogosphere, garnering more than a thousand downloads; whereas Dan's pretty much just annoyed those at Purdy Lounge.   

What's the point of this story?  

Well, it seems that nowadays, we're collectively on the pursuit of the NuNEW -- to the point of NOW.  

*Note: I highly recommend reading Ritalin Nation, a book that goes into this pursuit of faster/better/stronger and culturally-created illnesses like A.D.D.   I know that we are living in a semi-illiterate age.  So for those who have forgotten, books are basically like blogs, except tactile, usually not with as many photos, and just a bit longer.  

** Also, one of my friends is a 10th & 11th grade teacher here in Miami --- we were speaking yesterday, and apparently its common for students to spell words like garbage - garbitch/garbidge.  Hey its not the easiest word, but COME ON!!!  You're ~16-17.  Your life is headed in one-direction, you should probably learn how to spell it. 

So anyways, this clip of Bill O'Reilly freaking out was played on The Colbert Report yesterday.  I had seen it a while ago -- but i'm sure millions of Americans have not.  

Going further with this NuNew, now that I have a blog, I can let the 'sphere' know that my man Danny Daze, a member of the DiscoTech production trio cooked up these two variations of a track using O'Reilly as the sample fodder.  So when you hear another song come out in a week or so using the same sample . . . 

DiscoTech - Do It Live (Version 1)

Monday, May 12, 2008


Everyday I'm introduced to things that make me realize there is a whole world out there that i know nothing about....

"Faygo is a super cheap soda-pop beverage, whose homequarters rest in Detroit, Michigan. The Insane Clown Posse have been spraying Faygo all over the Juggalos at live shows for what seems an eternity but in reality only goes back a few years ago. I.C.P. drank the Faygo soda-pop when they were kids because it was cheap, and there was so many different refreshing flavors and a varieties to choose from. One day at an I.C.P. concert, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope were doing synchronized dance steps and Shaggs fucked up, so J grabbed a two liter of Faygo and bashed it over Shaggy's head, and thus the war began. Juggalos everywhere were on stage throwing Faygo, gettin' live. And so from then on, at every Insane Clown Posse concert, Faygo is thrown all over the willing crowd, and everybody seems to enjoy it, go nuts, and have just a straight up fresh time. That is the history of how the Insane Clown Posse and Faygo cola are connected."

Saturday, May 10, 2008

So I Was Looking For This Acapella . . .

Biggest thing to come out of Norway since frozen fish -> Lene Alexandra - "My Boobs Are OK"

Best part is around the 2:00 mark.


My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok

I'm lazy, admit, work it's not for me
Busy doing nothing
I'm a beauty queen
I don't cook, I don't clean
They do it for me
I'm such a stupid girl
I keep my religion in a Gucci purse
Oh my god I just forgot the rest of this verse
Who cares? I never pass junior high
Was so hard
So what?

My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
And no matter what you say
I know they're ok
My boobs are ok!

Stupid, disturbed,
I ain't got a brain
So I never went to college
Couldn't find the way
I wished every tomorrow was a holiday
I'm such a crazy girl

Dumbass, they caught up can't you see?
My corpus size and I work in harmony
Just don't ask me about economy
I'm nescient for free

My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
And no matter what you say
I know they're ok
My boobs are ok!

To make a point, to make things fine
I ever groundman from my hands to my time
That's the beauty of the game
You gotta know the rules
If you wanna give up
You gotta play it cool
You're so cool!

Come on, girls!
Give me a Boo (Boo!)
Give me a b (B!)
Gime a s (s!)
Go Boobs!

Go Boobs!
Go Boobs!

My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
And no matter what you say
I know they're ok
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok

My Boobs, my boobs
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok
My Boobs, my boobs
My Boobs, my boobs
My boobs are ok

And no matter what you say
I know they're ok
My boobs are ok!

The Truth Is....At 6am When I'm In Bed, I Could Really Give A Fuck.

So, here's my token WMC 2008 post, 2 months too late. Taken from my Blackberry BBM. The conversation starts right after Malibu had called me in a drunken/drugged frenzy spitting hot fire about how close to 10 people, including Switch, Mapei, Spank Rock and about 38 other hangers-ons, who want to come to my house at about 6am and record a track, which in reality, i knew would never get done. I also failed to notice what or who "The Truth" was and that it was in the form of one curly haired singer/rapper from Sweden named Mapei. I guess I just wasn't ready for that level of Hip-Hopiness coming from Malibu X ("This girl is THE TRUTH" and "This is SO Real" being two of my favorites) and it scarred me. Big up to all mentioned, it was a valiant effort and i still love you all.

The BBM conversation starts right as Xavier (or was it Contra) tells me he's gonna put Switch on the phone and I proceed to hang up on the guy (well, actually right before he could even get on the phone).

XBURT: Yo... That was Switch talking to you on Contra's phone. Not trying to
wake u but they want to hit the studio. Switch & Mapai.
XBURT: A couple friends. They want to lay this shit down.
Induce: I didn't talk to anybody but contra
Induce: We have 4 people sleeping
XBURT: Its all up to you
Induce: Studio can be used tomorrow during the day
XBURT: Basically switch is here and he and mapai want to lay some shit down
XBURT: werd....
XBURT: Saturday
XBURT: @ our BBQ
XBURT: This girl is the truth
Induce: Sometime other than 6am
XBURT: No worries
XBURT: Damn mang
XBURT: 10 of us
Induce: Not
XBURT: Switch is honest to god looking for a studio
XBURT: Spank
XBURT: Mapai
XBURT: But she's speaking some real shit right now
XBURT: And switch is mezmerized
Induce: Its really hard to fall asleep when you keep texting me
XBURT: Ahhh soorryy
XBURT: This is so real
XBURT: Just seems right
XBURT: Anyway I'm done
XBURT: Sorry
XBURT: Contra is going to call you last time for the night

Contra not only called me for the last time after that, but he proceeded to call me about 12 more times, which did nothing but piss me off even more, not only because I had been half asleep and woken up by this shit in the first place, but more because my finger was getting tired of pressing ignore on my phone.

*Future reference - If you want something like this to happen, make sure i'm with you when you are making these plans (at which time, i still might even shoot em down), or call me at say, 3pm. or pay me.

PS :: Quote for the road : "She's speaking some real shit right now"

Soulja Girl's new Video

Well, it's about a year later and we're all, "Soulja Boy who???" But his ol' girl has a brand new video out and its a heater. The beat is almost non-existant, even more-so than normally heard with that Ice-Cream truck sounding stuff, but she's spitting pure fire. They oughta lock shorty up for these type of rhymes. Oh wait, they are.

Friday, May 9, 2008

OG vs Ruff

Last Wednesday at Finger Lickin, Benton was played a track from Greg Wilson's new Ruff Edits Vol #1 12" -- when I asked him about the OG, he had no clue.  

So did a little detective work -- found a video for it.

BTW, what's up w/ McGruff the Crime Dog?!  I never really paid much attention to him when I was younger; but looking back at him now, he's looks like an all-around shady character.

Seen above w/ new super-cool 'partner', Scruff

This picture is taken from the official McGruff site; and the question is: "Who chose to have this ill-kept dog, who's chest hair is spilling out from underneath his sloppily fastened trench coat as the figurehead for keeping kids safe?"  Unless its a test on how to spot a NARC, I don't get it.  Put McGruff to sleep.

Time for a new face:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'll Teach Ya

Albert King

Learn harmonica

How To Learn The Harmonica In Ten Minutes

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Up on the NuNew

Some people started hipping me to Soulja Boy's new song as the next new shit song that i'll probably play repeatedly so that some douche stops bothering me.

Not so into it; however, Mr. Superman hopes to repeat his success w/ his new signing, SODMG ('Stacks On Deck Money Gang').   They got a song out called "Whoop Rico".  


I've got no idea who the fuck Rico is, but I'm sure when I do find out, it'll be another "A-ha!" moment like when you learned what "Superman/Spiderman/Rambo/Bin Laden that Hoe!" meant.

Official Video.
Watch It. Learn It. Live It.

One Minute With Bjork

I don't remember who told me the story; in fact, I don't really remember the story very well, so I'll just go ahead with liberties.

Regardless, OMDL-some-of-the-time-blogger and man-about-asiansInduce, and ex-girlfriend Phi, were on South Beach casually taking an afternoon stroll down Ocean Drive during a past WMC.  When, out of the corner of their respective eyes, they spotted someone who they thought was Bjork walking towards them.

*Artist's rendering.

"OMG, is that?!"
"OMG, I think it is!"

Phi, realizing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could very well walk right by her, blocks Bjork's path in order to tell her how great she thinks she is.  Communicating solely through emotion, Bjork immediately understood.  Induce stood awestruck as Bjork did one of her patented "i just cute farted" smiles, and then scuttled away to join the other dolphins in the ocean.

Oh, almost forgot.  After their encounter with Bjork the two start crying hysterically across the street from Wet Willie's on 8th.  Phi first, but then in consulation, Induce follows suit.  Realizing everyone is staring at them, Induce manages to usher the distraught girl away from the crowd.  

That last part is true.

Here's some "Making-of" footage for Bjork's new Wanderlust video.

and here's the video:

A 3d version is out as well, but I left my 3d glasses in I'm-Not-6-Yrs-Old-Land.

That said, a similar awestruck situation occurred to me when I was ~6 and saw Sgt. Slaughter at Dulles Airport.  Fucking Rad!

Drink It In.

One may only dream about the sheer mystic power that man possesses.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Angola = 1 | 50 Cent = 0

At a concert in Luanda, some cat jumps on stage, yanks off 50 Cent's chain, then just as quickly jumps off stage.

Skip ahead to around :45 secs left in the clip.

Apparently, a day later, dude's mom turned him into the cops.

"But Mom!"

Sammy Bananas

Met this guy (not Michna, or guy on the left) when I was in Canada -- he was staying w/ Smalltown Pete, and came with us to this ski-season-closing-party up in the Rocky Mountains.  The whole car-ride up, we basically just did what a carload of djs naturally do when placed in close proximity with each other; nerd-out.  

". . . yeah, that shit was awesome.  But you know that band that Rick James and Neil Young used to be in together . . . . fuck, forgot their name . . ."
"You mean Mynah Birds?!  Oh, hell yeah!"
"Oh Shit!  Hey, turn that up!  I lurvvv The Band!"  
"Did you ever see that Bob Dylan documentary . . . (not the one you were going to think of, but the other one that is still VHS-only) . . . "

Anyways, here he is rubbing his 'stache as he prepares to drop a magestic musical treat known as Nelly's "Hot In Herre".

He's on Fools Gold.  Probably on the road, or working, or 'staching.

45 King vs. Wale - PYRAMID (Sammy Bananas Remix)

And for the nerds/enthusiasts -- I'll take your blog "remix" and up you studio outtakes of The Mynah Birds'; recorded in 1966.  Solid rock.  Check "Go On And Cry" for something that Cody Chestnutt probably listens to, on repeat.
The Mynah Birds - '66 Outtakes

Game Over

"A 500-year-old shipwreck has been found off the coast of southern Africa, laden with tons of copper ingots, elephant tusks, gold coins, and cannons to fend off pirates."

- May 2, 2008

Damn, I didn't think that kinda shit happened anymore. Here I am wasting away, having ignored my true passion of treasure-hunting, and some other asshole found my ship.

But wait!

Not just any asshole found my ship -- but De Beers, the multi-billion dollar blood-diamond-running company found it!  And they found it while they were tearing up the coastline looking for more wealth!

Game Over.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

#97: Scarves!

Go here for more.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


2 promo tracks off the new Digi Snax album.

Bobby Digital - Drama (Dirty)

Friday, May 2, 2008

WMC Recap - Late Pass

So we stole Navarro and "I still rock mad sweatbands cuz when I dj for a half-hour I . . . " Skribble's bottle during WMC -- but only because he's a total prick and can't take a joke.  Trevor "Trouble" Andrew was doing a show on top of this hotel and Mr. Navarro & Skribble were playing right before him. 

It was super cold and windy up there, and for some reason (also known as "the ladies love my nips") Navarro was doing his best Guitar Hero II shirtless!  So when Trevor gets on stage, after his first song he makes a light-hearted comment along the lines of:

"Fuck, Dave Navarro can play guitar shirtless in any weather; lightning even bounces off of his chest."

Well, although everyone else in the crowd, including Skribble, gave a laughing reception - Navarro apparently didn't take too kind to Trevor's joke.  Playing it ever-so-cool, he later went on to cry about this young whippersnapper to fellow wash-out Tommy Lee; going so far as to have the next Trouble show (opening up for Tommy @ Rok Bar) cancelled!  

I was going to take a photo of the text msg from Navarro's manager to one of Trevor's people -- but the guy didn't want to get involved.  *whomp whomp*
It basically just said that because of his lack of respect for Navarro, Trouble will never play another show if he can help it.  

*douche chill*

Thursday, May 1, 2008