Friday, May 2, 2008

WMC Recap - Late Pass

So we stole Navarro and "I still rock mad sweatbands cuz when I dj for a half-hour I . . . " Skribble's bottle during WMC -- but only because he's a total prick and can't take a joke.  Trevor "Trouble" Andrew was doing a show on top of this hotel and Mr. Navarro & Skribble were playing right before him. 

It was super cold and windy up there, and for some reason (also known as "the ladies love my nips") Navarro was doing his best Guitar Hero II shirtless!  So when Trevor gets on stage, after his first song he makes a light-hearted comment along the lines of:

"Fuck, Dave Navarro can play guitar shirtless in any weather; lightning even bounces off of his chest."

Well, although everyone else in the crowd, including Skribble, gave a laughing reception - Navarro apparently didn't take too kind to Trevor's joke.  Playing it ever-so-cool, he later went on to cry about this young whippersnapper to fellow wash-out Tommy Lee; going so far as to have the next Trouble show (opening up for Tommy @ Rok Bar) cancelled!  

I was going to take a photo of the text msg from Navarro's manager to one of Trevor's people -- but the guy didn't want to get involved.  *whomp whomp*
It basically just said that because of his lack of respect for Navarro, Trouble will never play another show if he can help it.  

*douche chill*


luis said...

fucking douche

Anonymous said...

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