Friday, May 30, 2008

I Seeee Youu!

Deep in the Amazon jungle, one of the Brazil's last uncontacted indigenous tribes has been photographed from the air, to prove its existence.

Get'em Doggie!

It is understood that when the plane first overflew the village, the people scattered into the forest. When it returned a few hours later they had painted themselves red and fired arrows into the sky.

"They must have suffered some sort of trauma in the past and must know that contact is not a good thing," Fiona Watson, of Survival International, said.

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Here's two tracks off of KPM Library record 1130 -- loosely scripted as 'Afro-Rock'.  
Dedicated to shooting arrows at planes . . . which only reminds me of the first Indiana Jones movie, and how bad the last one was.  Ooof.  

KPM 1130 - Survival

KPM 1130 - Heavy Water

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