Friday, May 9, 2008

OG vs Ruff

Last Wednesday at Finger Lickin, Benton was played a track from Greg Wilson's new Ruff Edits Vol #1 12" -- when I asked him about the OG, he had no clue.  

So did a little detective work -- found a video for it.

BTW, what's up w/ McGruff the Crime Dog?!  I never really paid much attention to him when I was younger; but looking back at him now, he's looks like an all-around shady character.

Seen above w/ new super-cool 'partner', Scruff

This picture is taken from the official McGruff site; and the question is: "Who chose to have this ill-kept dog, who's chest hair is spilling out from underneath his sloppily fastened trench coat as the figurehead for keeping kids safe?"  Unless its a test on how to spot a NARC, I don't get it.  Put McGruff to sleep.

Time for a new face:


Anonymous said...

now I stay tuned..

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