Monday, March 31, 2008

WMC - Sunday

Ate at Tap Tap before going out. Highly recommend ordering the Malanga Fritters!  So good.  
If you don't mind eating a fish w/ its head still on - Santi ordered the grilled whole fish in lime sauce, and I made fish faces:

Later, OMD had a jam at Purdy Lounge. The fam showed up in force. We were gon do some Santogold songs, but by ~1:30am it was way past Santi's bedtime. *whomp*

Blaqstarr also showed up and killed a late night set!! 

Big thanks to Dos Equis & Sujinho.

Friday, March 28, 2008

I've been ballin' a lot this week on Miami Beach. No, not like that jerk. I've been playing a lot of basketball with some of my teammates from the Monday night league.
Have you noticed that the more you jump around the more your ankles tend to get sore? Or the way that a fiber rich diet really lets the shit fly? I've started to notice these things. Have fun out there raving, soldiers. See you when the dust clears and my phone stops texting to the maxxx with hot promises of 'party of the year'.
Check me out, I'm on 61st street.

WMC Recap - Wednesday

RPS, or "Rock, Paper, Scissors" for the squares, is the oldest game in history(*starting from when scissors were invented).   

I wouldn't refer to myself as the 'best' at RPS, but i'd consider myself above-you.  

So, late on Wednesday night (read: Thursday ~10am), I've ended up at the Mad Decent apartment, sitting around a table w/ Sandwich Boy Naeem, Unemployed Lloyd, and 'Nother Drink Switch.  Naturally, as is the case when dealing with such ardent enthusiasts of filling up time, RPS comes up in conversation.  

Switch has never played before, so he's instantly cast-out of the competition.  Naeem was into the 3-way tournament, but pretty much got scared away when me & Lloyd started clearing off the table and spacing out the chairs 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly' style.

In an amateur attempt at scaring off his last challenger, me, Lloyd brings out the cash.

*Tsk, tsk*

Little did he know who he was messing with.  
The bet had started off at a respectable $5, but I 'only' had a $10; so naturally, we got locked into a best-of-3 $20 winner-take-all-loser-gets-blogged-about match.

The crowd gathers around the table and the intensity begins.  

If you haven't played RPS for money in a while . . . . it'll get you on that 'next' level.  

First comes the trash-talk.  You try to psych-out the opponent, while psyching yourself up.  Lloyd is pulling the "Oh, I got you son!" chatter.

Next, when you are both ready to get down to business, you enter the Staredown.
Here, you try to get a little read on your opponent.  Is he the type of guy that'll throw Rock first?  (*Note: 90% of newbies throw Rock first.)   

But wait, he's putting up money, so he's probably going to go for the Scissors; knowing that I would throw Paper to beat a newbie's Rock.  But then I would have to counteract with Rock; but maybe he already figured that in.  Et cetera.

First Round: I beat him w/ Paper.
* What a sucker, is he that weak that he pulled the Rock out on the first-round?!

Intensity grows, and now Lloyd wants to raise the bet.  
Well, I don't have any more money . .  but Switch does!!  He covers my $10 increase, and now we're at $40 --- plus, I've got a crucial 1-0 advantage.    

10 minutes after more trash-talking and pacing around the room, I ruthlessly put Lloyd out of his misery with another Paper.  A clean 2-0!!  You can just feel the disgrace haunting his dreams:

Who gwan test me now?!?

Trouble Andrew, that's who.  
We strike up a match over lunch @ The Delano.  This guy plays with some weird Canadian rules, where instead of 1-2-3-Shoot!, its just 1-2-Shoot!  That nonsense fucked w/ my head and I lost 6-5 in an 11-round rapid-fire match.

Here's vid of Mr. No-Shame beating up on his girlfriend.

Solid Groove - Pat Pong (Remix)

No idea where I got this from, but here you go:
Master Kev & Scott Wozniak - String Thing (KW Griff Remix)

Herbie Hancock - Bring Down The Birds
- Sampled & used in Deee-Lite's party classic "Groove Is In The Heart"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What Really Grinds My Gears... (Vol. 1)

1) Laundry

Come on now! Is there a more laborious, less rewarding task?!?


Even dishwashing has that weird - 'fall into a Zen state' thing going for it. I mean, with laundry its such a process!

This guy totally has the right idea. I mean, to do the most basic tasks is probably a mission for him; and you know what the first task he quit wasting his time on was??
That's right!

First you've got to go and grab all those dirty socks and underwear off the floor that have been sitting in a relatively large (yet peaceful) pile in the corner of your room for the last month or so (i'm on a lunar wash cycle - every full moon). Then, as you're stirring up all this crazy dust/odor, you realize it's nature's way of saying:

"Hey man, just chill. Go watch some TV or some shit. You don't want to mess with us; it's not going to be fun."

Then you've got to carry all of these dirty/smelly unmentionables and try and stuff them into the washing machine. [*BTW, the first hint that you're dealing w/ a laborious process is finding out there's more than one machine involved!]   

Of course, when you try to fit everything in, there isn't enough room; ever!  And its not like there's just not enough room for everything to fit and you can do another healthy load.  Nope.  The 'hurtful to your soul' powers that be always work the angles in some way that the next load you're going to have to wash is just for that last pair of pants and two shirts.  

By now, the soapy water has filled up in the washer, and there's no way you're going to pull some of those wet clothes out to even-up the two loads.   So usually those socially awkward clothes go back to their corner to await the next full moon.
[*Note: The nerd/loner clothes are way more aggravating when you have to do laundry at a laundromat.  Are you really going to pay an extra $2.00 to wash them?!]

Now then, . . . so we've got most of the clothes washing.  This part is lame because the wash process is not that long, but just long enough that you can't really do much else in that time.  I made the mistake of trying to fit in a shower -- but that wasn't the best idea as the washer was using the hot water (Warm/Cold to be exact).  

Other failed mini-activities include: 
1) Spending 10 minutes trying to find any mildly interesting television show and only finding commercials featuring people that don't have to do their own laundry.
2) Making a sandwich.  By the time you are about to enjoy it, the washing machine finishes and you have the choice between eating and having to think about your clothes getting moldy; or handling wet clothes and returning to your sandwich smelling like detergent.
3) Watching water boil.  

Next step is carrying your wet clothes to the dryer.  

Tell me, is it just me or isn't it true that always during this transfer-process something, be it a sock or underwear, falls on the ground.  You've got to be some crazy Indiana Jones/Ninja Warrior to avoid dropage.

Well, you can pretty much kiss that article of clothing goodbye, because in its moist spongey state, it just managed to pick up all sorts of dust, hair, bugs, silt and trash, that for some reason collect around the dryer like moths to a lamp.  The only possible salvation comes if you have another load to do -- because having a wet (and now dirty) sponge chilling in the corner of your room waiting for the moon . . . .. pretty much not a deal-sealer for the ladies.

Now, the dryer is like the cool co-worker at Kinko's.  'Cool' in the sense that you can pull a: 
"Hey man, I'm gonna grab a bite to eat for a second and then I have to run to the post office.  When you're done with whatever you're doing, could you go ahead and jump on that project I was working on.  It has to get done by 3pm.  Thanks champ!"
And then you can go off on a 2-hour lunch break, or catch a movie.
The catch with the dryer is that a lot of the time, one run on it will leave most stuff damp -- so you kinda can't avoid it for too long, or you run the risk of pulling a 'whole-dayer'.

The last process is not the worst in the bunch, but its bad enough that i'd rather pay you $20 to do it.  Fine, $15!  

At least w/ folding/stacking you are actively doing something.  You get to zone out for an hour; check out some clothes you don't remember owning.  It's like thrift shoplifting in your own home.  

By now, you're a couple hours from where you began, but not yet finished.  You're gonna be tired/bored/anxious -- so then you have to take a shower and put on some your hard-earned clean clothes. 

Now, you may say that in this final step lies the 'reward'.  But the whole notion of pleasure derived from putting on old clean clothes is . . . bullshit.  Let me give you a little piece of advice that will increase your happiness w/ a lifetime warranty:


Buy them.  


There is NO, and I mean ZERO, comparison between the pleasures of putting on brand new fresh straight-out-of-the-package socks and a pair of used, yet clean, socks.  None!  You should buy socks like you buy bread.  In fact, if any grocery store employees are reading this --- if you want a raise, forward this idea to your boss.  Aisle 13: Socks and Underwear!
That said, maybe you should go ahead and 'update' your wardrobe as well.  Those raggedy-ass T-shirts you've been wearing (inside-out) since '99 fit you like a bell.  
Someone had to tell you.  
You're welcome.

Eddie Hodges - Ain't Gonna Wash For A Week

Guinness Book

While perusing the internet at 4am, you tend to come across the equivalent of late night infomercial-type info. Here's some fun stuff i found last night. BTW, this has nothing to do with WMC, Blogging and/or Blog house and/or music. 

This guy is said to possibly have the longest hair in the world. Fuck the hair, I want the beard. if he only got rid of that 20 foot long floater erupting from his head, he would look like the king of fucking kung fu.

This guy wins for Snorting the most cocaine. (oh, maybe this IS WMC related!)

Biggest Weener

Biggest Bitch

Solid Gold; Off The Market.

Damn, at around 7:30am Tuesday morning, as I'm getting ready to put on a movie and fall asleep, this guy shows up online:

. . . . I'm still speechless, as I feel like a worthless (and hungry!) human being.  

*Blowing up spots network: -- Cosmo Baker arrives Wednesday, and has a hotel room til Sunday that you can definitely crash at if you ask.  

If you get the chance - catch this dude in Miami; he's not the same Cosmo you may have heard elsewhere.  Love Will Be In The Air!!! (except when in NYC during CMJ, and you find yourself mid-4-turntable-set w/ dude and in between mixes you find yourself slap-boxing, and then he knocks ur glasses off . . . . SHIT AIN'T COOL MUFUCKA!)

A glorious jam dedicted to Cosmo:
Isley Brothers - I've Got Work To Do

Winter Music Conference - MONDAY

*Note: First off, after searching through the cesspool known as 'my room', I couldn't find my digi cam's charger, so no photos from tonight.

Although WMC is set to 'officially' begin tomorrow, tonight I went to Love/Hate round 2:30am w/ my man Keen1.

Daz-I-Kue (Bugz In The Attic fame) was headlining this first event that the bar mgr, Kristian (aka the ONLY guy working there that knows shit bout music), had programmed for the week. Djinji Brown had just finished his set when we got there ---- if you're at all familiar w/ my old radio show on WVUM 90.5 - I had dude on there a bunch of times --- his selections are choice. 

Aside from missing his set, but being of the honest character, there's no way to state otherwise that the entire soundsystem was on some weird "No need to raise your voice" volume.  Other than the bunch of WMC-early-birds from ATL that showed up to watch Daz's fairly sloppy set of gems, [Think Quantic > Fela > Nina Simone], the attendance was thin and pretty much staring at their feet.

A little while into it I get word that I should be at Blue; and for a Monday WMC night, their line-up (and crowd) was pretty fucking serious! I don't know how the scheduling went - by the time I got there Mr. V was on -- but they had Jellybean Benitez(!!), Tony Touch(!!!!), DJ Spinna(w/ haircut!), and the aforementioned Mr. V.

Plain and simple, that party was a quality jump-off for what WMC has been. Dude was not really 'killing it' per se; but definitely dropped some quality Shaun Escoffery/MJ/Steve Angello.
Pushing 5:30am, management told V to cut it off . . . packed house starts multiple chants/banging/whistling . . . 5 minutes later he plays the closer, "Gypsy Woman".

A bunch of heads were in the house -- if i had more time/care i'd post their names/links.

All I know is that you can feel the WMC energy in the air.  

I'll be playing at Buck15 tomorrow w/ Rob Wonder -- then catching up w/ my international OMD family @ PS14; which apparently isn't closing until 7am!!! [Was invited to do a late set there as well; we'll see.]

P.S. What's up w/ the gifting suites?! I need some new jeans & socks, STAT! I'm looking at you Puma/Diesel/Levi's/Adidas/Onitsuka!!!

Speaking of gifts, here's a tune for me and all those who are about to delve into WMC life:

Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation

A cool latin/samba rendition of Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman" that I recently heard on a Maurice Fulton mix.

Another track by the same guys who also do a cover of Bobby Hebb's "Sunny".

Also, here's some Latin/Tecnorumba from this crazy compilation I got -- this is WAY slower than the rest of the jams on there. Get Into It!

Totally better than another one.

So on the new Money Studies release by Scottie B and The Chavy Boys of London there's a tune called Zoe Jawn -- using Gorilla Zoe's "Hood Nigga" Acapella over a stripped down flipped bmore-formatted track(sans Think/Gaz breaks).
Not the biggest fan of the tune; actually deleted if from my PC knowing that I would never play it out --- which usually never happens as I have a couple thousand tracks on my computer that are all patiently waiting for their moment to shine.  That said however, what I would(and you should) play continuously 5 nights a week is this:

Contra - Smalltown Hood

I had another version I had sent out a while ago -- but this newer version has a club-friendly kick ---- that is unintentionally well-eq'ed for what I wanted to do(non-obtrusivemovementish). Also there is a 3 minute outro on this 320kbps tune, in case you want to jump ahead and drop ur own acapella.

Speaking of amazingness, here's an edit from Todd Terje. Highly recommend finding more/all of his stuff!

Blehorkestar Bakija Bakic - Fizheuer Zieheuer (T2 Edit):

On some balkan awesomerifficish!

Double - Woman Of The World (Long Instrumental Version):

This is on some slow and spacey disco vibe -- something Matt Cash[DFA] would play @ PS14.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Winter Music Conference - SUNDAY

One More Day Family Reunion (vol. 17) is going down during Conference.  

Of course, after most WMC-attendees begin to call it a wrap(also known as wet blankets), its only natural OMD throws a party .  Expect any of our family thats in town to drop by.  I know its A-Trak's b-day that night.  It's also Craze's last night in Miami for a long while so I know he's coming through.  I probably shouldn't really blow up everyone else's schedule; but expect some very special guests!!!  

Written up in the latest Flavorpill.

Party's gon be @ Purdy Lounge, and its FREE!!!!!  
[*Note: For WMC badge holders it's $20 and -2 guestlist(you and 2 friends leave)].  

$2.50/beer.  You can try to beat it, but you'll fail.
For those not from Miami - this is the best weekly party in Miami, hands-down!  Infuse that with a roster of invite-only OMD DJ's/Artists/Family, and you've got a Nick Nolte vs. Gary Busey Stare-Down right before a Kurt Russell vs. Patrick Swayze Hair Shakedown!!(yes, THAT awesome).

There are also rumors of a national cash-prize arm-wrestling contest goin down.  More details TBA.

Steaming Disco Tune
Larry Wood - Pumping Iron (Dim's Edit)

Still playing down here:
DJ Khaled & 305 - Bitch I'm From Dade County

Playing during WMC:

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gender-Specific Happy Meals?!?

When did the switch happen?

Apparently this guy has no problem with it.

Anyways, segues aren't my thing tonight/ever. But Feadz, yeah the homey that used to tap 'that' girl, is dropping his Happy Meal EP on Ed Banger the 24th.

Get it.
*EDIT: I deleted the first track cuz its just a 15 sec intro thang. If you want it, buy it.

Picking up amandaspillinthetaint from FLL.  Expect more bloggage soon.

After WMC, eh?

Going around playing tunes with Huggs starting March 31st -- mostly in Canada. Looking forward to see if its really jumping off as everyone tells me --- that, and the cold.

Starting off in NYC at homegirl Roxy's party.

Justice - DVNO (CD Rip wit dem Remixes)

RapidShare MegaUpload

Tickle Party

I ran into my friend Sam of Friends With You last night, he was as cheery as he always is and offered me some munchkin of wisdom regarding the planets being aligned and some other shit. I hate all that Zodiac shit but it always seems to make sense when Sam talks about it. Anyways it reminded me of the time he asked me if i knew who "Santa Gold" was.
"SANTOGOLD" i replied, Yeah that my girl, why? "
"Oh, cause Zune asked us to make a video for a song of hers, so we did."

He never brought it up again, and I forgot untill about 3 weeks ago when he sent me the link, its pretty amazing so i thought i would share.

-Jake Jefferson

Stayed home . . . for a second.

Its weirdly difficult to stay home at night in Miami. Even on weekdays. Tonight I 'almost' stayed in -- meaning I didn't leave my house until bout 2:30am. I couldn't imagine how it would be living in a city where things close up at that time.  


Anyways, at some point before I went out to go see my friends band, The JeanMarie at Churchill's I made a little edit-turned-blend thing. Horribly enough, it was triggered by an Axe deodorant commercial I had seen recently. Some music nerd/genius they hired plugged The Seeds' "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" as the soundscape to a prototypical 'sex sells' ad.

It's a great fucking song, so if you haven't heard the song on its own --- familiarize urself w/ this black/white footage of the band in action playing this first single.

Those familiar w/ my friends 'Sandwich Boy Naeem' or 'All Hail Me Wes' will recognize the tracks first 8 bars(and then some) as the sample fodder for Spank Rock's "Put That Pussy On Me" remix Diplo did a while back. I was never the biggest fan of the remix (always thought the OG by XXXchange killed), but for the sake of an accomplished project, here's the tune I put together.  

*Note to DJs, this is a transition track. Starts @ 120bpm, then after the space break speeds to an eventual 130ish. The bonus is that its properly tagged/cued/looped for Serato.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Miami Wins Again!!!

For those that live here, its no surprise; but for those coming down to visit for WMC -- if you plan on driving down, or renting a car, Miami has the won the venerable 'least courteous drivers' award -- courtesy of an AutoVantage report.

For those that can't translate the politically-correct title for the award, it pretty much equates to you getting cut off on your way to work; not once, not twice, but thrice --- and not just by an overly-aggressive 20-30 yr old machismo guy. Nope, we're talking about steel-faced grannies pulling some sneaky-ass maneuvers. Your work day sucks and you can't wait to get home; but on your way home, you get cut off again. Then you speed up and run through a red light to catch up to that asshole. Don't worry about signaling when you change lanes, or even when you just took that left turn. Finally you get some retribution as you cut his ass off; but then he pulls alongside and flicks you off (probably throwing his cup of coffee on your windshield) and yells some shit bout "Tu Madre!". You catch up to that fucker, sliding in real close, and force him into the guardrail; but unluckily, your car spins out. When you get out of your car, he's already pulled out the gun from his glovebox, and it's about to be ON!

Here's a bunch of video clips AutoVantage compiled as they interviewed some Miamians.


The guy @ ~1:38 who comments on the guns, reminded me of when I first moved to miami for school - and a Miami-Dade cop addressed an orientation crowd about safety in Miami. I distinctly remember him saying that 1-out-of-4 cars pulled over in normal traffic stops have firearms found in them. Sweeeet!  

Sly & The Family Stone - M'Lady @ 320

p.s. Don't even THINK about being a pedestrian in Miami! D-E-A-D-L-Y! For erryone.

I am totally blogging. Blog on bloggers.
I'm going to the gym to get ready for the 2012 post nuclear fallout/12 ft. shape shifting lizard invasion. Lizards-1 Hipsters-0

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Love Is In The Air

Remember when you were really young, you and your friends would play-wrestle? Then later on, you got to be too big and/or ur ego got too big and u were scared ur gon get hurt or made to look like an overgrown fool. Well, early in Club 132's days, Jake (then 32) and Xavier (then 19) didn't pay attention to those social 'norms'. For some reason, this transpired in my room. Right after the last photo, Jake busted ass.

That place has got memories for days --- too bad the landlord was a tool.

Check out some house party photos taken by Last Nights Party guy. Dunno how he ended up at our place. Was that after the 10am after-party? But that night sets expectations high for this upcoming WMC!!!

If you're not coming down you're missing Denny's breakfast w/ EggFooYoung . . . tickle, tickle!!!!

DJ Sega - Push It 2 Da Limit (off a mixtape)

Who Gwan Test?!

That would be me on the left, and you on the right.

Bring It!
["Checkmate" by Barrabas]


Think I got this off of Woody's blog; if not, still check him out -- OMD NYC fam.


This song you'd be dropping soon after your 2nd peak in the night. Something to give a breather before you batter em some more.
Snap! - Rhythm is a Dancer (Purple Hazed Mix)

And a baile funk tune that samples the OG version of Rhythm Is A Dancer:
Malha Funk -- Sunguinha de Bichinho

ugh, what a downer; i know.

Most days when i wake up (usually around now - 3:3opm), i roll over and gently wake up my computer; which had a long night of playing some random movie that I fell asleep to(last night it was Santa Sangre).  then jumping on the internet i hit my usual 3-4 stomping ground sites; one of which being The Guardian. I'm not really sure why I chose them to be my daily news source; its' gotta be something to do w/ the way they spell 'colour'.  

Anyways, browsing the headlines I find out about these videos which are apparently banned in China. But what I found to be more interesting was the site hosting the videos,
     "Wikileaks is developing an uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis ... Wikileaks opens leaked documents up to stronger scrutiny than any media organization or intelligence agency can provide. Wikileaks provides a forum for the entire global community to relentlessly examine any document for its credibility, plausibility, veracity and validity. Communities can interpret leaked documents and explain their relevance to the public."

Truth be told, I'm into world politics, political theory, and general stuff which causes most Miami Eyes to glaze over; probably an inherent trait to those growing up in/around DC.

That said, here's one of my favorite tracks from Bad Brains!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vinyl Rip (Part 1 of 1)

All my shit is in storage -- but when I was proactive at the old crib, before living here(scroll down) I recorded a couple tracks off vinyl. This track is Jimmy James Thomas' funky "I Can't Dance". It's on a bunch of compilations; and has been reissued a couple times -- but here you get it lazy point-n-click style.

There's an edit of this song floating around as well -- if you've got it -- hook it up.

Miami's OMD fam get some shine

MAP Magazine's latest issue has some coverage on my Miami family doin our thing.

And another article on Winter Music Conference that I've got some quotes in.

These may be too small to read -- but there's a pdf on their website u can download or flip through. Contains such memorable 'zingers' as:

"WMC hitting Miami is like only being able to spray your dirty ass sheets with Febreze once a year. You're still sleeping in them, but at least they smell good for a week."

Also, here's a rough mix I put together for the DVS Skate Co. -- 1 of 3 parts that myself, Induce & Doormouse were supposed to work out . . . but you know how "doing things" turns out in Miami.

Also -- whenever I load up the blog the divshare players don't show up in my browser -- but work on others'. Lemme know if it works for you!