Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Dear SXSW,

You are like a shitty boyfriend that I can't totally break up with. You are sometimes super hot and at other times incredibly cold. You are moody and self obsessed. Only a small portion of the company you keep is any good. You do way too many drugs and drink more than a frat house full of college boys. You always keep me waiting around. you are tiring. You are loud. You never have a place to stay. You are never on the list. You are boring and at the same time absolutely insane. chaotic, full of surprises and still you can be totally lame. At your worst you are absolute torture and at your best you are way fun. I ask myself why I always do this to myself and go back, but I can never really come up with a good answer. You don't really have THAT much to offer me except a few good memories and maybe some awesome photos we've taken together. sadly, I'm not sure that's enough for you to hold my attention anymore. Unless you come up with the goods, I'm quittin you for real this time!


PS learn how to fuck.


Laura O'Reilly said...

well said.

A. Boogie said...

It's kinda the truth, Amanda. You did turn his ass out, though.

Patrick said...

wamp wamp

Anonymous said...

Lmao! it was still a good gig. I waited all day to hear me some Diplosaurus Rex and Amanda.