Monday, March 17, 2008

Sweeet! I'm bloggin!

It only took me over a year to get on board w/ this blog. In some veins, for me, that's pretty good. In comparison, it took me almost three weeks to have corrective surgery on my dismantled ankle when I fractured it in 4 places ---- driving to/from work w/ my left foot for that whole time (no sick days) was pretty much like pouring salt into my eye if salt was battery acid and my eye was a baby me, w/ 2 broken ankles.
But anyways, now that i'm on - I'm looking to break all OMD bloggin records ----- and judging by the scant posts i see so far -- I should be able to do that . . . . um, by next week.

As far as the 'getting on hype machine' quest for this OMD blog -- i went to their site to try and find out if maybe I have to surrender some fake information by registering . . . but there's just a bunch of text on their page, and imagine all the time i'd waste reading that! Couldn't they just have a zshare link? DOWNLOAD INTO MY BRAIN!

so here's a new portishead track, cuz induce is listening to massive attack right now. he's so '94 it hurts.


Portishead - Machine Gun

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induce said...

pitch tent, bitch bent