Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Miami's OMD fam get some shine

MAP Magazine's latest issue has some coverage on my Miami family doin our thing.

And another article on Winter Music Conference that I've got some quotes in.

These may be too small to read -- but there's a pdf on their website u can download or flip through. Contains such memorable 'zingers' as:

"WMC hitting Miami is like only being able to spray your dirty ass sheets with Febreze once a year. You're still sleeping in them, but at least they smell good for a week."

Also, here's a rough mix I put together for the DVS Skate Co. -- 1 of 3 parts that myself, Induce & Doormouse were supposed to work out . . . but you know how "doing things" turns out in Miami.

Also -- whenever I load up the blog the divshare players don't show up in my browser -- but work on others'. Lemme know if it works for you!

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induce said...

hey, my shit is done!!!