Friday, March 28, 2008

WMC Recap - Wednesday

RPS, or "Rock, Paper, Scissors" for the squares, is the oldest game in history(*starting from when scissors were invented).   

I wouldn't refer to myself as the 'best' at RPS, but i'd consider myself above-you.  

So, late on Wednesday night (read: Thursday ~10am), I've ended up at the Mad Decent apartment, sitting around a table w/ Sandwich Boy Naeem, Unemployed Lloyd, and 'Nother Drink Switch.  Naturally, as is the case when dealing with such ardent enthusiasts of filling up time, RPS comes up in conversation.  

Switch has never played before, so he's instantly cast-out of the competition.  Naeem was into the 3-way tournament, but pretty much got scared away when me & Lloyd started clearing off the table and spacing out the chairs 'The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly' style.

In an amateur attempt at scaring off his last challenger, me, Lloyd brings out the cash.

*Tsk, tsk*

Little did he know who he was messing with.  
The bet had started off at a respectable $5, but I 'only' had a $10; so naturally, we got locked into a best-of-3 $20 winner-take-all-loser-gets-blogged-about match.

The crowd gathers around the table and the intensity begins.  

If you haven't played RPS for money in a while . . . . it'll get you on that 'next' level.  

First comes the trash-talk.  You try to psych-out the opponent, while psyching yourself up.  Lloyd is pulling the "Oh, I got you son!" chatter.

Next, when you are both ready to get down to business, you enter the Staredown.
Here, you try to get a little read on your opponent.  Is he the type of guy that'll throw Rock first?  (*Note: 90% of newbies throw Rock first.)   

But wait, he's putting up money, so he's probably going to go for the Scissors; knowing that I would throw Paper to beat a newbie's Rock.  But then I would have to counteract with Rock; but maybe he already figured that in.  Et cetera.

First Round: I beat him w/ Paper.
* What a sucker, is he that weak that he pulled the Rock out on the first-round?!

Intensity grows, and now Lloyd wants to raise the bet.  
Well, I don't have any more money . .  but Switch does!!  He covers my $10 increase, and now we're at $40 --- plus, I've got a crucial 1-0 advantage.    

10 minutes after more trash-talking and pacing around the room, I ruthlessly put Lloyd out of his misery with another Paper.  A clean 2-0!!  You can just feel the disgrace haunting his dreams:

Who gwan test me now?!?

Trouble Andrew, that's who.  
We strike up a match over lunch @ The Delano.  This guy plays with some weird Canadian rules, where instead of 1-2-3-Shoot!, its just 1-2-Shoot!  That nonsense fucked w/ my head and I lost 6-5 in an 11-round rapid-fire match.

Here's vid of Mr. No-Shame beating up on his girlfriend.

Solid Groove - Pat Pong (Remix)

No idea where I got this from, but here you go:
Master Kev & Scott Wozniak - String Thing (KW Griff Remix)

Herbie Hancock - Bring Down The Birds
- Sampled & used in Deee-Lite's party classic "Groove Is In The Heart"

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