Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Love Is In The Air

Remember when you were really young, you and your friends would play-wrestle? Then later on, you got to be too big and/or ur ego got too big and u were scared ur gon get hurt or made to look like an overgrown fool. Well, early in Club 132's days, Jake (then 32) and Xavier (then 19) didn't pay attention to those social 'norms'. For some reason, this transpired in my room. Right after the last photo, Jake busted ass.

That place has got memories for days --- too bad the landlord was a tool.

Check out some house party photos taken by Last Nights Party guy. Dunno how he ended up at our place. Was that after the 10am after-party? But that night sets expectations high for this upcoming WMC!!!

If you're not coming down you're missing Denny's breakfast w/ EggFooYoung . . . tickle, tickle!!!!

DJ Sega - Push It 2 Da Limit (off a mixtape)

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