Friday, October 16, 2009

Don't Worry

World Science Festival 2009
Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale

via Think or Thwim

Friday, October 9, 2009


how about some tropicana, steel band that is. calypso rock, one of my first break tracks i ever heard by far also one of my favorite courtessy of dj leacy (rip).

here you go
original tropicana steel band- calypso rock

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


miami's very own armando martinez, as you all may have forgotten (like myself) ive been rip rapping all my vinyl (ive taken a large break). i came across this and just couldnt pass up ripping up the fat rhyme to mp3. classic new miami electro or in his own words (dirty low down cuban electronics), with congas! i forgot the name of this track so if anyone could help me out it would be highly appreciated.
check him out here and his space here.
i miss music like this.

alpha 606- congas 1 @ 320 vinyl rip <--- link here

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5 out of 4

From Mike Deuce's vaults.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


This kid Douster has a new track. Had some of his earlier things -- none of them really sound finished, but damn he's got some shit gwan on.

Get on the Hypem for some tracks cuz we don't do that whole sharing thing...

Get To Your Local Scion Dealer

Remember when those Scion events and general marketing campaign was the big "free money" move for all events you ever threw or attended? You half can't take em seriously but they half come back with some quality stuff. Here's a quarter of that half from the other half - also known as their Sampler #26.

Toxic Avenger - Nonsense Anthem (The Juan Maclean Remix)

> Speaking of Scion, there is a KIA event coming to Miami next week -- bunch of friends and I are playing each night at AWAREHOUSE, downtown.

Below is the flyer for the first night, October 1st. Mr. Michna is gon be in town for the weekend. Gon have him play with me ....... at Chocolate Sundays that weekend too, so get both places ---- they both free. PS: Check out the Never Sleep Again blog for a cool review and some tracks of his.

Oct 1st is free drank n stuff -- the following 3 days they're going to be having a headliner perform. Dunno who is performing when aside from N.E.R.D. are playing Sunday w/ me djing beforehand.

>>>>>RSVP HERE<<<<<

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Final Edition - I Can Do It (Anyway You Want)

Ffwd to 3:10ish for the AVH x A-Trak sample.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Good Look or Bad Look?

While I was in Paris, Nickopedia Catchdubs let me know about this upcoming album:

New Vampire Weekend album named Contra will be out January 11th
in the UK and 12th in the US via XL Recordings.


On an unrelated note; Manuvers has been asking for this QSO track; which you may recognize from the following track below. Cue-points in there already.

Quantic Soul Orchestra - Left & Right (226 VBR)

Red Astaire - Follow Me (224 VBR)

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's About Controlling Your Controller

Watched the Kanye 'outburst' on yesterday's MTV VMA Awards; somehow thought of KLF.

Excerpt from KLF documentary. 1,000,000 quid burnt.

The KLF - 3 AM Eternal (Acapella)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Just putting you up on him if you're not yet familiar. Think David Blaine meets that other guy w/ the crazy 'messed up' hair and black fingernails guy, except British.

I think he's on Season 3 or 4 now; search for his older episodes(especially the armored car one). Launching the season, his first trick, and later his explanation, is/was to predict the UK's Thunderball lottery numbers LIVE.

Meet Derren Brown:

Any guesses?

Friday, September 11, 2009

In Miami This Weekend?

Playing here alongside most other reputable djs in Miami.

Apparently N.E.R.D. wanted to do include Santi in their band recently. You can catch a bunch of vids w/ them rocking out at some MTV party on them innernets. (Laziest blog ever? Yes. Yes we are. At least I posted a photo.)

Flying to Paris on the 15th with the homegirl, so catch me before I leave.

Also, Happy Birthday DS!


I Got Him Beat

Whatchu Lookin At?

This ad for Amnesty International called Eye Tracking was recently installed on a bus stop in Hamburg, Germany - featuring a built-in camera and eye-tracking technology. When no-one is looking, the ad displays an image depicting a case of domestic violence. Once the camera detects an onlooker, it switches (after a delay), showing the same couple looking rather happy and normal.

The ad picked up the Cannes Lions 2009 Outdoor Silver Award and seems to make use of technology similar to that built into many digital cameras for blink and smile detection.

This is a brilliant use of technology that dramatically intensifies the ad’s already powerful message. I hope we see more interactive ads like this in the future.


3-times Better

Thursday, September 10, 2009


not-so-recently included in a Compost slow-disco compilation.

Hideki Matsutake's Logic System - Clash

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And Don't Stop

Ever since The Juan Maclean played Dirty Hairy a while back, I've been on the hunt for a bootleg of their live version of "Happy House". With Liv's multi-million dollar lighting as the backdrop for their 20-minute rendition that swooped in and out of tempo, I was hooked. And yes, if I had it, I would play the whole 20-minutes; right after 20+ minutes of extended solo's in a version of Rare Earth's "Get Ready" I just dusted off in my vinyl collection for recording.

Anyways, with no leads on actual bootleg recordings of their shows (found a few quality LCD Soundsystem ones though), I found the video below, which does not sound or look anywhere as good as what the Liv experience had; even the extend-o-happy-house is different; anyways:

Then I went on a hunt of trying to find ways to rip streaming videos to no avail - as I found out that they're pretty good at playing "Hide the video from Contra" game.


I was able to get one of the 6 songs, but only because they didn't hide it. Sooooo, if you're up on this computerthing-thang and can 'hash-check their XML code' and find out the hidden link and get that to me, I'd be appreciative.

Anyways, here's the mp3 of the ripped video that I got. Not recorded all that great, but you know, you're welcome.

The Juan Maclean - Give Me Every Little Thing (Live Extract from Point Ephémère, Paris, France) via Grand Crew

Is it cuz its raining?

I need more parties where I can play this ... and get a reaction that doesn't result in everyone giving me the stink-eye.

Maybe mix into Carly Simon's "Why" afterwards/before.
See you Friday at PS14?

Stretch - Why Did You Do It (12" Extended Mix)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cuz No One Likes Reading

Interesting video-essay series at The L Magazine.

"At a time when summer movies seem uniquely capable of consolidating the cultural discourse, our Evolution of the Modern Blockbuster series looks back to the summers, and summer movies, of 1984 and 1989, when MTV editing, post-Boomer cynicism and other cultural sea changes converged to shape the summer blockbuster we all know and can't avoid."

Below is the first part, the others can, and should, be seen at the above link:

One Time

DJ AM on-stage w/ Jay-Z.

Filmed it when Santi opened up for Jay, mid-'08.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Finally, After 4 long years of hard work, the masterpiece, Sven Barth & Induce are Casual Sax & The Saxual Revolution in The Blow Sven Theory, is out now on The Wonderful Sound!!!

To call this album an album seems an understatement. It is more than that, yet less, all at once. It's full of dirty snippets, lewd lyricism and blatant honesty, yet TBST is a tapestry. A tapestry full of sweat, semen, and wordplay that found it's way onto Perez Hilton's front page with nothing more than a tug on the proverbial sausage and a hook that included "dong". The time spent on the aforementioned lyrics can be placed in direct correlation with the time it takes to whip out the aforementioned "dong" from a set of loose undies. It was instantaneous, orgasmic and completely free of ink. That's right, all 21 of these beautifully crafted tracks are 100% freestyles.

- Get the digital album at iTunes, Amazon, Zune, and most major digital retail outlets.
- Also available on double CD, with the Instrumental verison of the album as the 2nd disk.
- Main Vinyl version comes as a LIMITED EDITION Double Vinyl, Triple Gatefold Jacket, with only 500 pieces manufactured.
- Instrumental Vinyl version - Double Vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

Double CD and Limited vinyl versions available EXCLUSIVELY AT TURNTABLELAB.COM.

Click the link below for a free track that didn't make the album! Be careful - It's a weird one!

Sven Barth & Induce Are: Casual Sax & The Saxual Revolution - "Pants On Fire" - Unreleased Track

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Some Of My Friends Do Things

Got an e-mail from a DC friend who seems to be a rarity in that he is applying himself to improve the world; e.g. he recently started his own NGO after spending two years living in Uganda working with warlords to negotiate against recruiting child soldiers. Anyways, i'll just post it and hope you take 5 minutes out of your day to read and maybe add your signature.

Dear friends,
I just returned from eastern Congo. Following this trip, please find my oped co-published with John Prendergast on electronics and the war in eastern Congo. It is published in the Huffington Post and San Jose Mercury News, the leading newspaper in Silicon Valley, home to many of the largest electronics companies. I thought you would find this interesting. Apologies for cross-posting. If you haven't yet, please sign our pledge to electronics companies - it will help spur them into action. Thanks so much.

Electronics companies and consumers can help stop Congolese bloodshed
By John Prendergast and Sasha Lezhnev

San Jose Mercury News and Huffington Post

Have a cell phone or laptop computer? The conflict in eastern Congo, which has killed five times as many people as the war in Iraq, affects you. Fresh attacks last month caused 100,000 people to lose their homes, the latest in a war in which tens of thousands of women have been raped by violent armed groups.

We just returned from eastern Congo, where the demand for cheaper electronics is a key driver of this war. Our research has revealed that armed groups in eastern Congo earned approximately $185 million last year from trading in four minerals that form critical components in cell phones: the 3Ts of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold. The militias get rich and buy weapons by selling these minerals to smelting companies in East Asia, who then sell them to consumer electronics firms such as Apple and Nokia.

The human rights records of the armed groups speak for themselves. One militia, the FDLR, is led by the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide. And the Congolese army recently absorbed another militia headed by Bosco Ntaganda, aka "The Terminator," a war criminal indicted by the International Criminal Court for conscripting child soldiers, including using 13-year-old girls as his personal bodyguards.

The answer to this problem isn't simple, but it is far from impossible. It requires a commitment by the Obama administration, electronics firms and the Congolese government to clean up supply chains and invest in good governance. These steps would cut off a key source of funding for the militias and make the conflict significantly easier to resolve.

But some corporate interests would have you believe otherwise. Metals trading companies have argued that cleaning up supply chains would impoverish miners in eastern Congo. We share their interest in the livelihoods of eastern Congolese people, but let's be clear on how we can actually help impoverished people in that region.

Miners in eastern Congo work in the worst conditions in the world. Ben, a 15-year old child miner, told us how he had worked in a mine since he was 10 and narrowly avoided a mine shaft collapse last year, a common occurrence in an area with no health or safety standards. Meanwhile, The Terminator's militia and other armed groups rack up the profits from the trade by controlling the mines or taxing the trading routes.

The central reason why these conditions are so horrific is the presence of the armed groups. Cutting off their resource base is the key to getting them off of miners' back.

We also need a plan to directly address the needs of miners. To that end, the Obama administration should partner with the Congolese government to enact reforms enabling miners to benefit from Congo's mineral wealth. These efforts must be complemented by investment in agriculture, a sustainable source of employment for ex-miners.

Added transparency and improved regulation would help provide real employment to miners with companies with meaningful health and safety standards. To jump-start this process, the Enough Project has organized a conflict minerals pledge (, which companies and consumers can sign to reform their supply chains and make their electronics verifiably conflict-free.

Combating the conflict minerals trade requires a comprehensive strategy involving electronics and metals companies, the U.S. and regional governments and consumers. It took over a decade for the blood diamonds campaign to help halt Sierra Leone's bloodshed. The Congolese people can't afford another decade of conflict fueled by our consumer demands.

JOHN PRENDERGAST is co-founder of Enough, the project to end genocide and crimes against humanity at the Center for American Progress, a Washington, D.C., think tank. SASHA LEZHNEV is executive director of the Grassroots Reconciliation Group, a nonprofit that aids former child soldiers. They wrote this article for the Mercury News.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The True Story of Roger Rabbit & Toonville

Well, not quite, but ever wonder why our mass transit is so horrible?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blu Jemz & Induce - "Don't Go"

This is a little tidbit of teddy bear Jemz I had laying around. Recorded during one of his stays in Miami, the music was done with original Ace Tone sounds I sampled into the MPC-2000, the bass line I played on the Fender Rhodes running though the Mutronix Mutator, and the synth part is an Arp Omni. For the bongo part during the hooks, we originally wanted to record them live so we went on a trek around town to every pawn shop looking, finding out they go for way to much money than we thought, so we ended up just using the sounds from the Roland 727 drum machine, which sounds just as amazing as if we had the ghost of Ray Baretto. Jemz kills it on sensitive "come-back-to-me-baby" vocals and me on doo-wop back up.

For as silly as the track sounds, it actually has a hint of genuine sensitivity that can be easily heard on further listen. For those who can't take the 6 minute epic love song masterpiece, there's a radio edit that's about half as long. ENJOY!

Blue Jemz & Induce - "Don't Go" - 12" Version

Blue Jemz & Induce - "Don't Go" - Radio Edit

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Induce Podcast @ Club 50

New Free Podcast for everyone. This one is ALL VINYL, recorded LIVE at Club 50, located on the 50th floor of the Viceroy Hotel. If you like Deep and Soulful House, this is for you. Even if you don't, have a listen - you might hear something you like.


Hometeam Podcast


1. OPM – Fuckin’ With You
2. Dan Balis & Eugene Cho – Carry Me On
3. ???
4. Markus Enochson – Feeling Fine
5. Francois K – Awakening (Faze Action Remix)
6. Fertile Ground – Let The Wind Blow
7. A Man Called Adam – Love Forgotten
8. Tapani Tolpanniemi – Jazzin Around
9. Ben Watt ft. Sananda Maitreya – A Stronger Man
10. DJ Gregory – Elle
11. ???
12. Maxwell – Lifetime (Ben Watt Remix)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I remember reading an article with the creator of Tron, taking about how they were making the new one and they wanted to stay really true to the look and feel of the first. Mind you, this was about 4 years ago. I had almost lost hope until I saw another trailer about a year ago. This new preview premiered at ComicCon, which all my friends seem to be at and I'm jealous I didn't go. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Love Affair

I've been watching alot of Wong Kar Wai movies lately and found out after watching almost all of them that he pretty much tells the same story over and over, yet even with this knowledge, I still find them all becoming special to me as I watch and subsequently keep them in my memory. 

Obviously, In The Mood For Love and 2046 are favorites, but one that has recently stayed with me is Chungking Express. It just found a place in my heart and stays there, occasionally sending signals to my brain, making me remember certain beautiful scenes. I can't even begin to explain what the movie is about, and I wouldn't want to lessen any experience. Here are a couple pictures from one of my favorite scenes in the movie, not just for obvious reasons, but more because of the beauty of being in love.

On my recent trip to China, I spent a night in Hong Kong, unknowingly wandering to the site where the above scene was shot in Chung King Express. It is this HUGE escalator in the middle of the city that goes up the mountain, hundreds of feet. It felt like magic when I noticed where I was and I took the photo below. Hong Kong became quite romantic to me that night and I will always remember the 1 night I stayed.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Straight from the beginning of MJ's death, TMZ has been really killing the coverage game as far as exclusives. They reported him dead first, they've disclosed the autopsy results before erryone else ... etc ...
For those, like me, that didn't know, the guy who started the site was 'outside reporter/pollster' for The People's Court.

"You think he's at fault?", was usually the question of choice as Levin gave 20 seconds to the staple crowd of out-of-work ladies just passing by.

I know this, because, yes, I watch daytime television.

Today, they've gotten the dibs on an unreleased MJ track that is supposed to be coming out w/ a bunch of other never-been-released tunes.

A looped snippet of the song can be heard here:

You'll probably recognize the melody from America's "Horse With No Name", released in '72.

America - Horse With No Name (Todd Terje Edit)

A) It's cool that Jackson was into this song enough to rock it his way; and B) it reminded me of once hearing that around this same time period, Jackson and Quincy were really into Yellow Magic Orchestra, and recorded a version of one of their songs as well -- read more about it w/ tons of interesting linkage here.

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind The Mask

I'm kinda hoping for a Chicago cover or other jams from that era to surface.


And completely unrelated, this track has been burning on the local pirate stations for the last couple months - just tuned in yesterday, was playing, reminded - hence this.
As far as predicting future shot-callers, they've been on the cusp of pretty much every thug-transforming-into-national-star since I've been listening to em. Everything from playing "Hustlin'" months before people in Miami even paid attention to Rick Ross, to bouncing gully Yung Joc album cuts ("A Couple Grand") before "It's Goin Down" even broke.

Yeah, Khaled's Folded Him Into His Camp

Ace Hood - Born an OG (ft. Ludacris)

His other anthem is "Get Em Up"; which is getting play in ATL and N.East; but i put this one up just cuz you prolly wouldn't listen to it if there wasnt a 'name' on it. Eh.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back Video

Holy Ghost! is back with a new single and video that is so friggin good I wish I were there. Somehow they made New York look like it was 1981 again, when New Order were filming videos, and DJ's had reel-to-reel players in the booth, before Disney owned it and it got all boring. And having Arthur Baker in your video makes you pretty fuckin cool to me. Click the link below to download the song for free.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Induce Podcast - Classic Black Vol. 5

Finally, I know you all have been waiting a while for something new and here it is. This is Volume 5 in my series called Classic Black, showcasing both known and unknown soulful dance music, from Disco and Boogie, to Afro-Beat, House and Broken Beat. This volume in the Classic Black series, mixed live on only Vinyl, focuses on the pop-lock Boogie style popular on the West Coast, reminiscent of the Zapp sound.


Hometeam Podcast


1. Electric Power Band – Pappa Smerf
2.  Southside Johnny & The Jukes – Get Your Body On The Job
3. Hurt Em’ Bad – You Got The Ball (Instrumental)
4. Messenger Service – Get Streetwise
5. Ronnie Thang & The Things – Nuclear Freeze
6. The Human Body – Make You Shake It (Produced By Roger Troutman)
7. The Motor City Crew – Let’s Break
8. Shango – Let’s Party Down
9. Galaxxy – Sexy Style
10. Woods Empire - Sweet Delight
11. Brass Construction – Walkin’ The Line
12. T.S. Monk – Too Much Too Soon
13. Heaven & Earth – I Feel A Groove Under My Feet
14. Jimmy G. And The Tackheads – Clockwork (Produced By George Clinton)
15. Philippe Wynne – Wait Till Tomorrow/Bye Bye Love
16. Debra Hurd – Hug Me, Squeeze Me
17. Marcel King – Reach For Love
18. G.T. – Down For The Count
19. Warp 9 – Light Years Away
20. Pushe – Don’t Take Your Love Away
21. Stevie Wonder – Go Home

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make My Way Slowly

Watching Swayze in Roadhouse, eating a salad w/ chicken salad on top, thinking bout going to weddings .... nothing makes sense anymore. Just gon post some random tracks, and by random, i mean, aside from the first 2, I just scrolled n stopped in the iTunes.

Is it possible to be 'late' on T-Pain? Well, I heard this song on a local pirate radio station couple weeks ago. Shits from 07. He produced the track himself.

T-Pain - Church

When I heard the above song, it felt like more recent Gnarls Barkleyish - or, for a local twist, what the Mayday fam are doing lately. Here's a track Bernbiz sent me a while ago.

Mayday - One Mile To Go

M. Ferguson - Pagliacci [Clark Edit]

Dude in action:

Stone - Girl I Like The Way You Move

If you like this one, track down their jam 'Time'.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

YAAAAAY Gary Glitter!!! You finally fucked a female and not a little asian boy. Who woulda thought you could get any lower? Nevertheless, you're baby boy (??) loves you Gary! Happy Daddy Day!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Somehow, U2 Just Made Me Think Of Miami Vice

I just listened to the new U2 song, "I'll Go Crazy" remixed by Dirty South, and it is as if my brain was instantly linked to Michael Mann's, circa 1984, and I got this vision in my head and had to write it down. What sucks is, after reading what I wrote, I really wanna be able to see that episode, except there isn't one, I made it up. Here's my review of this song. Be sure to download the song first and listen while reading.

Click here to download U2's "I'll Go Crazy (Dirty South Remix)"

1984. Miami. Montage. Midnight. Crocket is chasing down a guy in a bad suit wearing sandals. Cut to Crocket's Ex-Wife at her home, sitting at the dinner table over an extra uneaten plate of food. Cut to Tubbs - trusty sawed off shotgun in hand, trying to find a way to cut off the criminals from another side. Cut back to Crocket's Ex-Wife sitting alone on the couch in near darkness, the only light in the room shining from a streetlight outside, onto her face. Cut to Crocket - exchanging gunfire with the criminal. Crocket goes down in the crossfire. Cut to Crocket's 2 kids soundly sleeping in their beds. Cut to Tubbs - Tubbs feels something is wrong, doubles back to find his friend and partner too injured to keep going. Cut to close up of Crocket's Ex-Wife - One tear falling from her face, the idea of a normal life fades. Cut to Tubbs rushing Crocket to the hospital in the Testarossa. The assailants disappear into the night.

Oh wait, that's like, every episode.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Sea Otter Booger candies.

Head over to Pink Tentacle for that and other randomness.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Perrine, FL

From the makers of Cocaine Cowboys

My boy Titus says dude w/ the crazy hair was Kimbo Slice's old bodyguard, then they had a falling out; now he's holding these in his mother's backyard.

"Don't Move, Don't Whisper, Don't Even Breathe"

   I've spent the last three(?+) hours trying to track down digital versions of some of my choice records I'm too lazy to attempt to convert into mp3.  

   Getting up and sifting through the stacks (which are not just across the room but 'technically' in the other room -- eh,  its complicated), finding a record, skipping through the tracks, and then sitting back down to search for a copy pretty-much hampers on the couching-time the usual surfing should require.  So, *genius*, I just grabbed a stack, and low and behold, it's always when you're not looking for it that you jab your foot on a gem:

   I clearly remember not actually seeing Judgment Night a good 2+ years after I had the soundtrack on cassette.  And I definitely don't remember much about it, 'cept Emilio being in it, and something about being in the sewers(?) or underground(?!?).  What I do remember is my parents just "not understanding"

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Come-up

Of the many perks you get as a dj, one of the major ones is being able to share the stage (read: get free up-close seats) to some great acts.  

Now, sometimes, usually with djs, something will get left behind either on purpose or not.  DJ Funk is famous for giving out the cd's he played that night.  Remember when he played PS14?  Yeah, I haven't played a damn thing off those bootlegs.      

So back when Holy Ghost! performed at Liv they happened to leave two cds when they left.   Only one of the cds worked - [the other was too scratched and just shoots out when I try to load it up], and of that cd, I didn't recognize/have only one of the 5 songs.

I'm of no mindset that this is some sort of exclusive never-released thing-thang, so lemme know what this is so i can update the iD3 tags. BUT, if it is Blogger-gold, thats awesome and I apologize to HG! for releasing it on the world; but then again, only 5 people read this blog anymore, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

This is that song:
*EDIT: Took the song down cuz of NAGL-fundamentals, because apparently its a demo-version of an unreleased song for their ever-going-to-be-released-? album.  Instead, peep a YouTube clip, and be jealous (and yes it is from 07):

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Lorax

For your viewing pleasure, The Lorax, a little known animated short from the genius of Dr. Seuss.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Working On It

   So I'm getting around to putting some posts up that cover the last couple months of craziness that has been my life, (gunman on the loose as we arrived to Wesleyan, T.I.'s last concert before prison, flying to the other side of the world), but . . . . .  you know how that goes.  

   That said, Santi's been trying out different sound guys recently.  One guy, from Oklahoma, whom I've never met before, brought his sticker-laden gear case with him to a show.  This guy has done shows with all sorts of cool groups all over the world, and then out of the corner of my eye on his case I saw(top rightish):

OG The Underground sticker from my WVUM 90.5 days!!!
So awesome!  How the fuck did he get that!?!

Bobby Comstock - Let's Stomp (Contra Edit)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Asia Journal #1 - Japan

There are so many words that can describe the feeling Japan has given me. Too many. In four much too short days, you have left an impression on me so special. If ever you are sad, think about Japan and it's infinite smiles. Even after little to no sleep and only wanting to fall into a dream, Japan kept my eyes open, blurred and beautiful at once. Here are a few pictures to illustrate.

Tokyo, Japan 2009

My first steps into the streets of Japan, with DJ Tosh and Asako.

Tokyo, Japan 2009

The watchful robot residing in the Castle In The Sky, at the Ghibli Museum.

Tokyo, Japan 2009

With huge Murakami pieces inside, the 3 floors of the LV store was more a museum of color and fun than simple retail...

Tokyo, Japan 2009

...Along with the Prada store, where architecture is truly something to marvel.

Tokyo, Japan 2009

The Roppongi Hills Building, a city within itself.

Tokyo, Japan 2009

The Mori Art Museum in the Roppongi Hills building, located around the 50th floor.

Tokyo, Japan 2009

Night time in Shibuya

Tokyo, Japan 2009

Light time in Shibuya

Tokyo, Japan 2009

After about 72 hours with little sleep, things start to haze...

Tokyo, Japan 2009

...and soon blur out of sight.

* A very special thanks has to be given to Tosh and Asako for showing me their city, FK for letting me play records, as well as all the great people I met.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Casual Sax & The Saxual Revolution Feat. Klaus & Ulrich - "Klaus' Disco Train"

Brand Spanking new video by Casual Sax & The Saxual Revolution Featuring Klaus & Ulrich. Yes, our friends from Germany did us good on this one, with a new video, Behind The Music style documentary, and outtake reel. Don't forget to click the HD button to view in high quality. Enjoy!

The Vid

The Doc

The Outtakes

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Didn't make it?

Here's what you missed.

Tamara Sky's On There Too

Peeped a link on the Turntable Lab blog in regards to Ayres; two pages later, found our own Doormouse on the site.  

James Brown - Give Some Skin (J&M Edit)

Monday, April 27, 2009


"A new musical scene emerge... Called indifferently Neo-Disco, Cosmic Disco, or Space Disco, a new style is raising from clubs in New York, London, Paris, LA or Tokyo. Far from the somehow dusty sound of the 70's, the NuDisco scene reinvest the disco imagery, somewhere between abstract, electronic, and dance music...more "djable" as some of the bproducers say. Giorgio Moroder is not so far.

Discover the NuDisco extended family. On top of new and original "NuDisco" productions, the scene integrates the many processes of Re-Editing. The idea behind the Re-Edit is to take an obscure and forgotten track (Disco, Funk, Psychedelic Rock, Early Electro) and reshape it, rearrange it, play with it, in other words: rebuild it entierly to make it sound like 2008.

The ArtPack met five DJs/Producers from around the world, five emblematic figures from this new musical trend: Cosmo Vitelli, Mock & Toof, Aeroplane, Marco Dos Santos, Runaway..."

Betty Botox - RVNG of The NRDS Vol. 2
Sample here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Recap soon.

Got back last night ~9pm; left 6am Monday.

Boracay Islands > 1hr Layover > Philippines > 8hr Layover > Seoul > 10.5hr Layover > LA > 2hr Layover > Miami

Rubber Room - Dark Desire (Redub)

Go out tonight:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Guess He Was Right

So the other day, I was sitting in my car after getting home late and I couldn't stop listening to this song cause it was so sad and pretty and perfect for late night drives home. The funny thing is, I actually wondered if it was true that it could snow in April. Low and behold, I wake up today FA-REEZING and hear that for the first time since like, 1972, it's snowing today in New York. This goes out to you guys.

Prince - Sometimes It Snows In April

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WMC Wrap It Up.

Not much to say except it was relatively a bore. A lot of DJ's playing the same exact songs, the return of ravers (candy or otherwise), the thin line between the horrible house I hate that Tiesto plays and the generic sound that is all too common right now that not only sounds like womp womp, but in 2 years, will make me think of the trumpet sound in old 40's comedy movies, when things just didn't work out.

The upside to it all was that I got to see some people I don't get to see too often and had a nice time with them, even got to know some people a bit more. It was also nice to see some people incorporating an art show into a music event, and even more so one that I actually like. It was also nice to see some people take initiative, show some spontaneity and bum rush events, perform one song, and confuse the hell out of alot of people, as those crazy German friends of mine, Klaus & Ulrich, did. No one was really ready for that to happen.

Anyway, here's a parting gift, laughs courtesy of our friend DJ Huggs who, after getting back to the house around 9am, found the door locked so he decided to get cozy with our friends, the staircase. outside. In the sun. outside. Until about 1pm. mmmm. sweet staircase.