Saturday, August 30, 2008

If You're About To Come Up To The DJ Booth

Glorify Me.

I've never liked the preconception that DJ's hate taking requests.  Sometimes they'll be good, sometimes they'll suck but let me know more acutely what kind of crowd I'm working with, and sometimes there's a $20 bill handed over.

That said, take a listen to this track.  Morsy (NYC) just gave it to me while he was down here this past week.

Andre Harris - 10 Things Not To Say To A DJ

Thursday, August 28, 2008


So as i was surifng the "web" or however you kids call it. I couldnt seem but bump into some ridiculous items. some of which you have or have not experienced.....

Remember when the pharohs of egypt commissioned huge gold statues of themselves to place throughout the land to focus on the emphasis of their might glory and power.

well now guess who has one of those!!!! YES none other than !!Kate Moss?!?!.. yes fellow non believers it seems that british sculptor marc quinn has created a 110 pound solid gold version of the model. (Who in turn is worth more than her life?) and just to make shit even weirder (bacon vodka) "This is vodka, infused with bacon... on a shelf... for three weeks. Then, it is cooled, strained, and bottled. I bet martinis with this taste like a Cobb salad." fucking gross ;p

tricky d- get silly miami remix.mp3

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

When Worlds Collide

Wow . . . 

M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes", seemingly launched into the upper-echelons of mass commercial consciousness w/ the recent help of Pineapple Express movie, has been sampled w/ arguably the top 4 rappers in the game dropping verses.

I really dunno what to say about this.  

Mark my words, next sample Kanye uses is gon be Santi!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

mall of the americas lets gooooo!!!!!

Cuban food, clothing stores, arcade games, chongas... and oh, wait, hydroponic labs?!?!?!
seems that some one (looks around) had a full functioning hydroponic lab with a whopping 20 something plants (maybe more) on the 2nd floor of the mall in a storage unit.. hahaha
see more about that here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

When shit hits the fan... errr powerline.

American douche Paul McCarthy created a giant inflatable dog turd and adding to the amazement it flew away.. not only did it fly away but it knocked down a powerline, (HA HA) read more about the miss hap here. 

Speaking of mishaps, (this has nothing to do with that actually) David Byrne has created a series of bike racks that resemble familiar shapes. like oh lets say a naked woman about to give birth and oh a giant heart ad things like such... i guess he seemed bored with the lack of design that went into those nifty racks.....

So now you can park your bike at a heart shapped rack and take off your hat shaped helmet cover (see previous post) and not feel so geeky...feel more ashamed here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

commodore 64?

Warning movie preview spoiler alert.

Actually... way better.
TRON 2.0
Yes you heard right.. Disney is making a sequel.. like a whopping 26 years later (way to go Disney.)
So this guy was at the san diego comic con and managed to capture the footage on his helmet cam.

If youd like to see the trailer you can see/read more about it here.

salami anyone?

So last night me and fello dj/ friend/ pool player/ i dont smoke (Contra) were on AIM trying to figure out what the hell to do with the promotional side for our party (including Mike Deuce) "Oh Hell Nah"

Well since we spoke for about an hour and basically got nowhere, i decided to throw all that out the window and do the dance (since he probably went off-line to eat cheetos and hot dogs).

We've got the goods son...

*Tracklisting in comments.

www. myspace. com/ohhellnahmiami

Next month, new mix.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

can anyone say sample?

wow this guy puts me to shame. hes recorded 3772 titles from old 78's to mp3's @(120) starting in july 25th 2008 and ending this month. im not so sure he recorded all those titles in that amount of time. none the less. hes grinding it out.
for your listening/ sample pleasure
here you go.

one day ill get to the point where i'm done archiving my 12"s and lp's
but unlike this guy
im greedy

the birds and the beesness

if you havent heard yet, and live under a mountain the new lupe track (which is actually an old track) produced by kayne west hit the web oh a few days ago. the track is hot fire, like dylan spitting on speed (not really). barampampam. anyway the quality obviously is pure crap, but if you like to grab it and play it on your i-thingie, you can get it here. the beat is straight hype (real talk).

speaking of i-pods (and listening to them while riding)
a company named yakkay just designed some new helmet covers for hipsters. so now you can ride a bike and not look dorky but be fashionable too.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"My Number's Up, But I Kept The Money!"

Richard Pryor interviewed, high as hell:

"The real people will realize this when you show it at 12:30 in the morning; the rest of the people that work will be asleep."

Friday, August 15, 2008

JFK He's Not

Oliver Stone's upcoming flick; W.


Interesting post over here.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

War Stories (Part 5: Cue Confetti)

So, it seems that the blog has been sorely neglected by the tight-knit cast of contributors we've got running this thang.  You guys got lives or something?!  

That said, I'm only gonna post a video.  This is the 2nd encore of the Coldplay show that I mentioned in a previous post.  Btw, there was one guy in the Coldplay crew w/ the sole responsibility of triggering the ticker-tape.  So you know, if you've got nothing else going for ya, maybe a career change is what you need.  Just sayin . . .   

It's basically the best part of their 1.5 hour set. So, cheers to everybody w/ tickets to their upcoming tour in Europe; you've just seen what you were about to tell all your co-workers at Nieman Marcus the next day was "all I could hope for".

I also 'met' this guy:

He was uncomfortably staring at me as I was walking around backstage.  I complemented him on his ~Panama Jack safari hat as he walked by w/ entourage. . . . . Kinda gotta work on that ice-breaker convo.  I mean, it was either that, or "E.T. Rocks!".

Oh, and can you take a guess at who is 'down' enough to roll in The Berg's posse?

My guess would have been Tom Hanks.  But alas, no.

This guy:

There was also some model/actress chick that followed the band for a bit; but i really didn't know her, even when people started listing her movies to me.  Blue Crush?!  Wasn't that some horrible rip-off of Point Break w/ James Van der Beek?!  I dunno.  She had a crush on our bassist who was just recently married.

Yeah, blah blah blah, here's some other crap.  It was only a matter of time I suppose.  At least the sample isn't "Hotel California".  

Jermaine Paul - Boyz of Summer (The Remix)