Thursday, August 14, 2008

War Stories (Part 5: Cue Confetti)

So, it seems that the blog has been sorely neglected by the tight-knit cast of contributors we've got running this thang.  You guys got lives or something?!  

That said, I'm only gonna post a video.  This is the 2nd encore of the Coldplay show that I mentioned in a previous post.  Btw, there was one guy in the Coldplay crew w/ the sole responsibility of triggering the ticker-tape.  So you know, if you've got nothing else going for ya, maybe a career change is what you need.  Just sayin . . .   

It's basically the best part of their 1.5 hour set. So, cheers to everybody w/ tickets to their upcoming tour in Europe; you've just seen what you were about to tell all your co-workers at Nieman Marcus the next day was "all I could hope for".

I also 'met' this guy:

He was uncomfortably staring at me as I was walking around backstage.  I complemented him on his ~Panama Jack safari hat as he walked by w/ entourage. . . . . Kinda gotta work on that ice-breaker convo.  I mean, it was either that, or "E.T. Rocks!".

Oh, and can you take a guess at who is 'down' enough to roll in The Berg's posse?

My guess would have been Tom Hanks.  But alas, no.

This guy:

There was also some model/actress chick that followed the band for a bit; but i really didn't know her, even when people started listing her movies to me.  Blue Crush?!  Wasn't that some horrible rip-off of Point Break w/ James Van der Beek?!  I dunno.  She had a crush on our bassist who was just recently married.

Yeah, blah blah blah, here's some other crap.  It was only a matter of time I suppose.  At least the sample isn't "Hotel California".  

Jermaine Paul - Boyz of Summer (The Remix)

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