Tuesday, August 19, 2008

salami anyone?

So last night me and fello dj/ friend/ pool player/ i dont smoke (Contra) were on AIM trying to figure out what the hell to do with the promotional side for our party (including Mike Deuce) "Oh Hell Nah"

Well since we spoke for about an hour and basically got nowhere, i decided to throw all that out the window and do the dance (since he probably went off-line to eat cheetos and hot dogs).

We've got the goods son...

*Tracklisting in comments.

www. myspace. com/ohhellnahmiami

Next month, new mix.


contra said...

Stravinky's Mix Tracklist:
Ocean view intro
1. Rashied Tali - Drummers of berundi
2. Sofrito - untitled
3. Wolfy - Oh Missy
4. Emperor Machine - Slap on
5. Del Shannon - Gemini (pilooski edit)
6. Neighborhood Romeo - Light Dance
7. Munk - Live Fast Die Old (remix)

DS said...

Salami Fingers Tracklist:
1 Intro
2 Bahamadia- Total Wreck
3 Brothers of the mind- Stop Scheming
4 Dream Warriors- California Dreamin
5 Scientifik I use to know ya
6 Shyheim- On & on original/ On & on Primo remix
7 Extra Prolific- Now What
8 Trendz of culture- Off & On
9 Chi Ali- Road Runner
10 Jeru the Damaja- You cant stop the prophet original/ Soul brother#1 Remix
11 Yaggfu Front- Left field
12 Ultra magnetic Mc's- Raise it up

megan said...

contra doesn't usually eat cheetos or hot dogs.. just so you know.. it's way more likely that he went off line to go to sleep (on the floor)