Sunday, August 17, 2008

can anyone say sample?

wow this guy puts me to shame. hes recorded 3772 titles from old 78's to mp3's @(120) starting in july 25th 2008 and ending this month. im not so sure he recorded all those titles in that amount of time. none the less. hes grinding it out.
for your listening/ sample pleasure
here you go.

one day ill get to the point where i'm done archiving my 12"s and lp's
but unlike this guy
im greedy


contra said...

link doesn't work for me.

and welcome to the blog.

DS said...

wow, it was working last night. i checked the link in the google search engine and it comes up as a webpage, but its having some internal server problems.

and thanks haha

The Garage Workout said...

works for me.
hot to trot.