Monday, July 27, 2009

New Induce Podcast @ Club 50

New Free Podcast for everyone. This one is ALL VINYL, recorded LIVE at Club 50, located on the 50th floor of the Viceroy Hotel. If you like Deep and Soulful House, this is for you. Even if you don't, have a listen - you might hear something you like.


Hometeam Podcast


1. OPM – Fuckin’ With You
2. Dan Balis & Eugene Cho – Carry Me On
3. ???
4. Markus Enochson – Feeling Fine
5. Francois K – Awakening (Faze Action Remix)
6. Fertile Ground – Let The Wind Blow
7. A Man Called Adam – Love Forgotten
8. Tapani Tolpanniemi – Jazzin Around
9. Ben Watt ft. Sananda Maitreya – A Stronger Man
10. DJ Gregory – Elle
11. ???
12. Maxwell – Lifetime (Ben Watt Remix)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I remember reading an article with the creator of Tron, taking about how they were making the new one and they wanted to stay really true to the look and feel of the first. Mind you, this was about 4 years ago. I had almost lost hope until I saw another trailer about a year ago. This new preview premiered at ComicCon, which all my friends seem to be at and I'm jealous I didn't go. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Love Affair

I've been watching alot of Wong Kar Wai movies lately and found out after watching almost all of them that he pretty much tells the same story over and over, yet even with this knowledge, I still find them all becoming special to me as I watch and subsequently keep them in my memory. 

Obviously, In The Mood For Love and 2046 are favorites, but one that has recently stayed with me is Chungking Express. It just found a place in my heart and stays there, occasionally sending signals to my brain, making me remember certain beautiful scenes. I can't even begin to explain what the movie is about, and I wouldn't want to lessen any experience. Here are a couple pictures from one of my favorite scenes in the movie, not just for obvious reasons, but more because of the beauty of being in love.

On my recent trip to China, I spent a night in Hong Kong, unknowingly wandering to the site where the above scene was shot in Chung King Express. It is this HUGE escalator in the middle of the city that goes up the mountain, hundreds of feet. It felt like magic when I noticed where I was and I took the photo below. Hong Kong became quite romantic to me that night and I will always remember the 1 night I stayed.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Straight from the beginning of MJ's death, TMZ has been really killing the coverage game as far as exclusives. They reported him dead first, they've disclosed the autopsy results before erryone else ... etc ...
For those, like me, that didn't know, the guy who started the site was 'outside reporter/pollster' for The People's Court.

"You think he's at fault?", was usually the question of choice as Levin gave 20 seconds to the staple crowd of out-of-work ladies just passing by.

I know this, because, yes, I watch daytime television.

Today, they've gotten the dibs on an unreleased MJ track that is supposed to be coming out w/ a bunch of other never-been-released tunes.

A looped snippet of the song can be heard here:

You'll probably recognize the melody from America's "Horse With No Name", released in '72.

America - Horse With No Name (Todd Terje Edit)

A) It's cool that Jackson was into this song enough to rock it his way; and B) it reminded me of once hearing that around this same time period, Jackson and Quincy were really into Yellow Magic Orchestra, and recorded a version of one of their songs as well -- read more about it w/ tons of interesting linkage here.

Yellow Magic Orchestra - Behind The Mask

I'm kinda hoping for a Chicago cover or other jams from that era to surface.


And completely unrelated, this track has been burning on the local pirate stations for the last couple months - just tuned in yesterday, was playing, reminded - hence this.
As far as predicting future shot-callers, they've been on the cusp of pretty much every thug-transforming-into-national-star since I've been listening to em. Everything from playing "Hustlin'" months before people in Miami even paid attention to Rick Ross, to bouncing gully Yung Joc album cuts ("A Couple Grand") before "It's Goin Down" even broke.

Yeah, Khaled's Folded Him Into His Camp

Ace Hood - Born an OG (ft. Ludacris)

His other anthem is "Get Em Up"; which is getting play in ATL and N.East; but i put this one up just cuz you prolly wouldn't listen to it if there wasnt a 'name' on it. Eh.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back Video

Holy Ghost! is back with a new single and video that is so friggin good I wish I were there. Somehow they made New York look like it was 1981 again, when New Order were filming videos, and DJ's had reel-to-reel players in the booth, before Disney owned it and it got all boring. And having Arthur Baker in your video makes you pretty fuckin cool to me. Click the link below to download the song for free.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Induce Podcast - Classic Black Vol. 5

Finally, I know you all have been waiting a while for something new and here it is. This is Volume 5 in my series called Classic Black, showcasing both known and unknown soulful dance music, from Disco and Boogie, to Afro-Beat, House and Broken Beat. This volume in the Classic Black series, mixed live on only Vinyl, focuses on the pop-lock Boogie style popular on the West Coast, reminiscent of the Zapp sound.


Hometeam Podcast


1. Electric Power Band – Pappa Smerf
2.  Southside Johnny & The Jukes – Get Your Body On The Job
3. Hurt Em’ Bad – You Got The Ball (Instrumental)
4. Messenger Service – Get Streetwise
5. Ronnie Thang & The Things – Nuclear Freeze
6. The Human Body – Make You Shake It (Produced By Roger Troutman)
7. The Motor City Crew – Let’s Break
8. Shango – Let’s Party Down
9. Galaxxy – Sexy Style
10. Woods Empire - Sweet Delight
11. Brass Construction – Walkin’ The Line
12. T.S. Monk – Too Much Too Soon
13. Heaven & Earth – I Feel A Groove Under My Feet
14. Jimmy G. And The Tackheads – Clockwork (Produced By George Clinton)
15. Philippe Wynne – Wait Till Tomorrow/Bye Bye Love
16. Debra Hurd – Hug Me, Squeeze Me
17. Marcel King – Reach For Love
18. G.T. – Down For The Count
19. Warp 9 – Light Years Away
20. Pushe – Don’t Take Your Love Away
21. Stevie Wonder – Go Home