Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Love Affair

I've been watching alot of Wong Kar Wai movies lately and found out after watching almost all of them that he pretty much tells the same story over and over, yet even with this knowledge, I still find them all becoming special to me as I watch and subsequently keep them in my memory. 

Obviously, In The Mood For Love and 2046 are favorites, but one that has recently stayed with me is Chungking Express. It just found a place in my heart and stays there, occasionally sending signals to my brain, making me remember certain beautiful scenes. I can't even begin to explain what the movie is about, and I wouldn't want to lessen any experience. Here are a couple pictures from one of my favorite scenes in the movie, not just for obvious reasons, but more because of the beauty of being in love.

On my recent trip to China, I spent a night in Hong Kong, unknowingly wandering to the site where the above scene was shot in Chung King Express. It is this HUGE escalator in the middle of the city that goes up the mountain, hundreds of feet. It felt like magic when I noticed where I was and I took the photo below. Hong Kong became quite romantic to me that night and I will always remember the 1 night I stayed.


1minutefilmreview said...

Great! We're WKW fans too!

Sean said...

Just saw 2046 last night. Great, quality favorite. Cool pic in Hong Kong too.

[dave] said...

i love these films too.

in the mood for love is just hypnotic.

wannajuana said...

how adorable! im a big WKW fan too, I bet hong kong was more than amazing with that point of view.