Sunday, October 28, 2007

Santo Chino Cochino

So my good friend Santo Chino, best known for buying every electro clash record during the big boom of 2005 or whenever that was, has now been living in China for the last year and a half or so, as some of you might know from my Myspace Blogs about my china trip back in April. He is an excellent chef, now writes for a weekly english language lifestyle magazine in Shanghai called SH and will probably have his own show one day on the Travel Channel a la that dude with the earring whose name, even though I know it just slips out of my memory but only at times when I really need to say it. Anyway, here's a clip of santo chino eating a live octopus. yummy!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Some day....

The future is here!! I used to luv this shit when i was a kid...


Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Sexual Sportswear"

Since the second I herd Sebastien Tellier I've been hooked. The French solo artist has been bringing amazing music to the table since 2001 and in my opinion its all gold. I think its safe to say the Sebastien Tellier's "La Ritournelle" might be one of the sexiest songs of all time. Every time I hear it I slip into some crazy French love trance... Defiantly takes you on a journey. Recently he has embarked on a new path I believe sparked by the current Persian explosion taking place in his own back yard in France. His new single “Sexual Sportswear”, off his upcoming LP "Sexuality" out January 2008, is new sound for Tellier. It reminds me more of Kavinsky and SebastiAN than anything. The album is being produced by Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, which definitely is apparent in this track. Anyway I'm not to much of a music writer so i'll just leave it with what's above. I'm sure we'll be hearing more and more as the album drop date approaches. Bottom line, I cant stop plying it. Hear for yourself and enjoy.

MP3: Sebastien Tellier - “Sexual Sportswear”

MP3: Sebastien Tellier- "la Ritournelle" (For good measure)

Oh and SebastiAN (Ed Banger) is Back in a major way.... He's coming out with a new album as well. Check that shit....

MP3: Sebastien Tellier - “Sexual Sportswear (SebastiAN Remix)”

MP3: SebastiAN - “Untitled” (some unreleased track off his upcoming new album)


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Are You A Idiot?"

I was asked this question today .... Now as I chill and get ready for bed the visual version of this shit pops up in my face on myspace. I was just as excited this time as the first. Ironically, when I took the snap shot I captured the "I Dunno????" answer being checked. Who knows. I reall like the couple in the picture and the incorrect spelling... Read it to yourself exactly how it's written.... Now say it over and over.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Epicly Later'd

This might be one of the greatest things I’ve ever stumbled upon online. I've been glued to my comp. like a freak since the first episode popped up. I think it all started by googling Jerry Hsu looking for some shit and stumbling upon this link. Its a banger off the jump... The page was full of ill pics and fucking hillarious comments. Here’s a good one.....

Caswell Berry After getting in a bar fight. Quality...

At first I thought it was Jerry Hsu's blog or some shit. Turns out its this guy Patrick O'dell skate photography guru and he's got the inside footy on almost every pro I give a fuck about. This is the kind of shit i want to read about, look at photos of, and best of all watch. He's got the in pass with everyone from Christian Hosoi and The Gonz to Kevin "Spanky" Long and Reynolds which is saying allot. Pictures and dope shit to read are on his insanely detailed Blog. Footage and other videos are all on his online TV Show "Epicly Later'd". Epicly Later'd is the illest shit ever and is currently my obsession. All his shows are bangers. No Sponsors! No Product Bullshit! No do this, do that, fuck you shit. Just pro skaters, young and old doing what they do on camera with a homie, NOT FOR A PART! Anyway check it out, its next level. I guess this online TV Channel VBS.TV has allot of dope shit on it if your like me and don’t have TV.

Check it....

Hasoi & Gonz Part 1of2

Andrew Reynolds

New Years Eve in Mexico

So Good....


Matt Cash bday weekend...

It all started with the arrival of this man on Friday, and pretty much didn't stop till his departure on Monday morning...


TOP 5 things learned this weekend...

1. Matt Cash will officially DJ anytime and any place, I'm sure if he had a catheter and an I.V. he could probably hold it down for a solid 72 hours.....

2. Induce does NOT live in the "after party" house....just don't ask Xavier.

3. A golf cart ride through overtown at 5am is way iller than you could ever imagine

4. Lloyd officially pushed it to the limit proving himself a worthy advisory for the infamous blujemz.....a battle awaits

5. I really do have an ill moonwalk

Check out this video: jake perjecting


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FLicks from MATT CASH's bday party at LOOP HERE
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So I finally managed to upload pictures from one of the best birthday parties I've been to in a long time....behold


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Sunday, October 7, 2007

mad late

I guess Im pretty late on this but i just saw the Peter bjorn and John video and its pretty fuckiing awful......