Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Finally, After 4 long years of hard work, the masterpiece, Sven Barth & Induce are Casual Sax & The Saxual Revolution in The Blow Sven Theory, is out now on The Wonderful Sound!!!

To call this album an album seems an understatement. It is more than that, yet less, all at once. It's full of dirty snippets, lewd lyricism and blatant honesty, yet TBST is a tapestry. A tapestry full of sweat, semen, and wordplay that found it's way onto Perez Hilton's front page with nothing more than a tug on the proverbial sausage and a hook that included "dong". The time spent on the aforementioned lyrics can be placed in direct correlation with the time it takes to whip out the aforementioned "dong" from a set of loose undies. It was instantaneous, orgasmic and completely free of ink. That's right, all 21 of these beautifully crafted tracks are 100% freestyles.

- Get the digital album at iTunes, Amazon, Zune, and most major digital retail outlets.
- Also available on double CD, with the Instrumental verison of the album as the 2nd disk.
- Main Vinyl version comes as a LIMITED EDITION Double Vinyl, Triple Gatefold Jacket, with only 500 pieces manufactured.
- Instrumental Vinyl version - Double Vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

Double CD and Limited vinyl versions available EXCLUSIVELY AT TURNTABLELAB.COM.

Click the link below for a free track that didn't make the album! Be careful - It's a weird one!

Sven Barth & Induce Are: Casual Sax & The Saxual Revolution - "Pants On Fire" - Unreleased Track

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