Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blu Jemz & Induce - "Don't Go"

This is a little tidbit of teddy bear Jemz I had laying around. Recorded during one of his stays in Miami, the music was done with original Ace Tone sounds I sampled into the MPC-2000, the bass line I played on the Fender Rhodes running though the Mutronix Mutator, and the synth part is an Arp Omni. For the bongo part during the hooks, we originally wanted to record them live so we went on a trek around town to every pawn shop looking, finding out they go for way to much money than we thought, so we ended up just using the sounds from the Roland 727 drum machine, which sounds just as amazing as if we had the ghost of Ray Baretto. Jemz kills it on sensitive "come-back-to-me-baby" vocals and me on doo-wop back up.

For as silly as the track sounds, it actually has a hint of genuine sensitivity that can be easily heard on further listen. For those who can't take the 6 minute epic love song masterpiece, there's a radio edit that's about half as long. ENJOY!

Blue Jemz & Induce - "Don't Go" - 12" Version

Blue Jemz & Induce - "Don't Go" - Radio Edit

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