Thursday, May 14, 2009

Working On It

   So I'm getting around to putting some posts up that cover the last couple months of craziness that has been my life, (gunman on the loose as we arrived to Wesleyan, T.I.'s last concert before prison, flying to the other side of the world), but . . . . .  you know how that goes.  

   That said, Santi's been trying out different sound guys recently.  One guy, from Oklahoma, whom I've never met before, brought his sticker-laden gear case with him to a show.  This guy has done shows with all sorts of cool groups all over the world, and then out of the corner of my eye on his case I saw(top rightish):

OG The Underground sticker from my WVUM 90.5 days!!!
So awesome!  How the fuck did he get that!?!

Bobby Comstock - Let's Stomp (Contra Edit)

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B-RAE said...

That's so AWESOME! One time for WVUM!