Monday, September 14, 2009

It's About Controlling Your Controller

Watched the Kanye 'outburst' on yesterday's MTV VMA Awards; somehow thought of KLF.

Excerpt from KLF documentary. 1,000,000 quid burnt.

The KLF - 3 AM Eternal (Acapella)


B-RAE said...

Oh, soooo much one could say about this, but alas: "Here's to Another Coonish (I'm Black people so have that insight)Moment in Pop Culture brought to you by The One, The Only, Kanye West!" He plays his role so well.

Here's to Knowing Wassup My Dude Contra!


nasty midnighter said...

Yup, Kanye's immature. A boor. And, still, quite young.

Let's keep it in perspective though. As rude and unacceptable as his outburst was (and it was), it was a goddamn VMA award. It was utter celebrity masturbation. It was unapologetically and intrinsically a spectacle. In the very first place.

So let's not get too wrapped up in this latest diversion. He'll grow up. And we'll forget about this, too, until the next VH1 spectacle.

Not important.