Friday, June 5, 2009

The Come-up

Of the many perks you get as a dj, one of the major ones is being able to share the stage (read: get free up-close seats) to some great acts.  

Now, sometimes, usually with djs, something will get left behind either on purpose or not.  DJ Funk is famous for giving out the cd's he played that night.  Remember when he played PS14?  Yeah, I haven't played a damn thing off those bootlegs.      

So back when Holy Ghost! performed at Liv they happened to leave two cds when they left.   Only one of the cds worked - [the other was too scratched and just shoots out when I try to load it up], and of that cd, I didn't recognize/have only one of the 5 songs.

I'm of no mindset that this is some sort of exclusive never-released thing-thang, so lemme know what this is so i can update the iD3 tags. BUT, if it is Blogger-gold, thats awesome and I apologize to HG! for releasing it on the world; but then again, only 5 people read this blog anymore, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

This is that song:
*EDIT: Took the song down cuz of NAGL-fundamentals, because apparently its a demo-version of an unreleased song for their ever-going-to-be-released-? album.  Instead, peep a YouTube clip, and be jealous (and yes it is from 07):

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