Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Make My Way Slowly

Watching Swayze in Roadhouse, eating a salad w/ chicken salad on top, thinking bout going to weddings .... nothing makes sense anymore. Just gon post some random tracks, and by random, i mean, aside from the first 2, I just scrolled n stopped in the iTunes.

Is it possible to be 'late' on T-Pain? Well, I heard this song on a local pirate radio station couple weeks ago. Shits from 07. He produced the track himself.

T-Pain - Church

When I heard the above song, it felt like more recent Gnarls Barkleyish - or, for a local twist, what the Mayday fam are doing lately. Here's a track Bernbiz sent me a while ago.

Mayday - One Mile To Go

M. Ferguson - Pagliacci [Clark Edit]

Dude in action:

Stone - Girl I Like The Way You Move

If you like this one, track down their jam 'Time'.


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