Saturday, March 22, 2008

Stayed home . . . for a second.

Its weirdly difficult to stay home at night in Miami. Even on weekdays. Tonight I 'almost' stayed in -- meaning I didn't leave my house until bout 2:30am. I couldn't imagine how it would be living in a city where things close up at that time.  


Anyways, at some point before I went out to go see my friends band, The JeanMarie at Churchill's I made a little edit-turned-blend thing. Horribly enough, it was triggered by an Axe deodorant commercial I had seen recently. Some music nerd/genius they hired plugged The Seeds' "Can't Seem To Make You Mine" as the soundscape to a prototypical 'sex sells' ad.

It's a great fucking song, so if you haven't heard the song on its own --- familiarize urself w/ this black/white footage of the band in action playing this first single.

Those familiar w/ my friends 'Sandwich Boy Naeem' or 'All Hail Me Wes' will recognize the tracks first 8 bars(and then some) as the sample fodder for Spank Rock's "Put That Pussy On Me" remix Diplo did a while back. I was never the biggest fan of the remix (always thought the OG by XXXchange killed), but for the sake of an accomplished project, here's the tune I put together.  

*Note to DJs, this is a transition track. Starts @ 120bpm, then after the space break speeds to an eventual 130ish. The bonus is that its properly tagged/cued/looped for Serato.

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