Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Winter Music Conference - MONDAY

*Note: First off, after searching through the cesspool known as 'my room', I couldn't find my digi cam's charger, so no photos from tonight.

Although WMC is set to 'officially' begin tomorrow, tonight I went to Love/Hate round 2:30am w/ my man Keen1.

Daz-I-Kue (Bugz In The Attic fame) was headlining this first event that the bar mgr, Kristian (aka the ONLY guy working there that knows shit bout music), had programmed for the week. Djinji Brown had just finished his set when we got there ---- if you're at all familiar w/ my old radio show on WVUM 90.5 - I had dude on there a bunch of times --- his selections are choice. 

Aside from missing his set, but being of the honest character, there's no way to state otherwise that the entire soundsystem was on some weird "No need to raise your voice" volume.  Other than the bunch of WMC-early-birds from ATL that showed up to watch Daz's fairly sloppy set of gems, [Think Quantic > Fela > Nina Simone], the attendance was thin and pretty much staring at their feet.

A little while into it I get word that I should be at Blue; and for a Monday WMC night, their line-up (and crowd) was pretty fucking serious! I don't know how the scheduling went - by the time I got there Mr. V was on -- but they had Jellybean Benitez(!!), Tony Touch(!!!!), DJ Spinna(w/ haircut!), and the aforementioned Mr. V.

Plain and simple, that party was a quality jump-off for what WMC has been. Dude was not really 'killing it' per se; but definitely dropped some quality Shaun Escoffery/MJ/Steve Angello.
Pushing 5:30am, management told V to cut it off . . . packed house starts multiple chants/banging/whistling . . . 5 minutes later he plays the closer, "Gypsy Woman".

A bunch of heads were in the house -- if i had more time/care i'd post their names/links.

All I know is that you can feel the WMC energy in the air.  

I'll be playing at Buck15 tomorrow w/ Rob Wonder -- then catching up w/ my international OMD family @ PS14; which apparently isn't closing until 7am!!! [Was invited to do a late set there as well; we'll see.]

P.S. What's up w/ the gifting suites?! I need some new jeans & socks, STAT! I'm looking at you Puma/Diesel/Levi's/Adidas/Onitsuka!!!

Speaking of gifts, here's a tune for me and all those who are about to delve into WMC life:

Simian Mobile Disco - Sleep Deprivation

A cool latin/samba rendition of Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman" that I recently heard on a Maurice Fulton mix.

Another track by the same guys who also do a cover of Bobby Hebb's "Sunny".

Also, here's some Latin/Tecnorumba from this crazy compilation I got -- this is WAY slower than the rest of the jams on there. Get Into It!

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compared to the rest of the week - that part was fire!


N*E*R*D - Everbody Nose

Gnarls Barkley - RUN

AdamTensta - Before U Know It

Soulja Boy Tell'Em - Pass it To Arab

Sebastian - H.A.L.

The KnuX - Capuccino

Rick Ross feat. T-Pain - The Boss

The Cool Kids - Action Figures

Erykah Badu - Soldier

The Roots - 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)

Tapp - Shake That Ass


DJ Mehdi - Pony Rocking feat. Feadz
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