Tuesday, March 18, 2008

still bloggin

man, a good 24 hours later -- and i'm still bloggin. so impressed. usually i give up pretty quick on these kinds of 'projects'.

especially now that i'm doing edits etc. I'll come up w/ the idea; which is amazing. i'll maybe even put it into ableton; realizing that this is turning into a legitimate 'project'. then, if i'm lucky, i'll start setting up some markers.

and then, maybe after 10-20-30 minutes of marking up, slicing, redrawing this one audio file, i'll get so tired/bored that i've got to stop. and you know that whole notion of "picking up where you left off"? m'eh. overrated.

anyways, somehow i get some things done, sometimes. By "done" of course, i mean that I just stopped at an agreeable spot. So here are some "would've been something, but i'd rather move forward with not finishing other things" song-things.

First is a killer cover of the Temptations song "Cloud Nine" by Mongo Santamaria that I tempo'ed, extended, effect-ed, and otherwise worked with:

*Edit: Also, here's the OG Temptations song --- but the INSTRUMENTAL(well, its got some vocals on it)!

Second is my first mash/blend/edit thang from forever ago (like way before u got her leaked advance song). Franki Chan posted it up a while ago; a couple days later he posted an edit up that Franki & Jake did. I still believe that their edit beat out mine in downloads just cuz of franki's photo.

So here's my attempt at a 2nd wind. Thought process for this one was: Diplo(docus) = dinosaur. Maya = zany.

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AmandafillintheBlank said...

stop bloggin at the same time as me!