Monday, March 24, 2008

Winter Music Conference - SUNDAY

One More Day Family Reunion (vol. 17) is going down during Conference.  

Of course, after most WMC-attendees begin to call it a wrap(also known as wet blankets), its only natural OMD throws a party .  Expect any of our family thats in town to drop by.  I know its A-Trak's b-day that night.  It's also Craze's last night in Miami for a long while so I know he's coming through.  I probably shouldn't really blow up everyone else's schedule; but expect some very special guests!!!  

Written up in the latest Flavorpill.

Party's gon be @ Purdy Lounge, and its FREE!!!!!  
[*Note: For WMC badge holders it's $20 and -2 guestlist(you and 2 friends leave)].  

$2.50/beer.  You can try to beat it, but you'll fail.
For those not from Miami - this is the best weekly party in Miami, hands-down!  Infuse that with a roster of invite-only OMD DJ's/Artists/Family, and you've got a Nick Nolte vs. Gary Busey Stare-Down right before a Kurt Russell vs. Patrick Swayze Hair Shakedown!!(yes, THAT awesome).

There are also rumors of a national cash-prize arm-wrestling contest goin down.  More details TBA.

Steaming Disco Tune
Larry Wood - Pumping Iron (Dim's Edit)

Still playing down here:
DJ Khaled & 305 - Bitch I'm From Dade County

Playing during WMC:

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