Monday, March 17, 2008

Guadalajara post

So a couple weeks(?) ago, I was in Guadalajara for the MXBeat Festival, djing for Santogold.  Super fun time, met up w/ Dave1 from Chromeo and the Flosstradamus cats(who basically gave me the rundown on how their 'joke' brought them to that point in mexico playing a 2,000 person rave cave).  But all of their conversation couldn't hold my attention over this guy:

Elohim -- drummer for a big mexican heavy rock band.
here's two videos i uploaded from that night - and another one i found round dem internets; where towards the end he's just using his fists.

You can see Floss's 'edge' draining away as they realize they have to follow up this guys act.

I would like this guy to be at the next Contrapalooza!

This here songs for the weak bloggers out there w/ their 1 or 2 posts a day(if that!). That shits for chumps. This here's a ultra-high quality tune for them.


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