Thursday, May 15, 2008

Comin, Comin, Back, Back from Jamaica

Well, more specifically, my roommate just got back.

Last time she was down there, she put me up on the Gearbox Riddim - which is/was huge down there. 
*Choice selection on the riddim is Erup's "Clik Mi Finger".

This time around, aside from bringin me some amazing jerk sauce & a bottle of rum, she let me know that now its the Mission Riddim runnin tings.  

Here are two takes - just so that if/when you're djing, you can semi-'run' the riddim, instead of just dropping the one and lookin like a chump.

Bounty Killer - ?

Mavado - I'm On The Rock Remix (ft. Jay-Z)


doormouse said...

Yo bro, get the Marley bros. track, as well as the Elephant Man one, both are good. The Marley bros. one gives the Riddim its name. I got you if you need 'em.

garageworkout said...

almost forgot, the 'we need barrack' track with mavado and obama samples.
thanks dj green lantern. just what we needed.