Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Truth Is....At 6am When I'm In Bed, I Could Really Give A Fuck.

So, here's my token WMC 2008 post, 2 months too late. Taken from my Blackberry BBM. The conversation starts right after Malibu had called me in a drunken/drugged frenzy spitting hot fire about how close to 10 people, including Switch, Mapei, Spank Rock and about 38 other hangers-ons, who want to come to my house at about 6am and record a track, which in reality, i knew would never get done. I also failed to notice what or who "The Truth" was and that it was in the form of one curly haired singer/rapper from Sweden named Mapei. I guess I just wasn't ready for that level of Hip-Hopiness coming from Malibu X ("This girl is THE TRUTH" and "This is SO Real" being two of my favorites) and it scarred me. Big up to all mentioned, it was a valiant effort and i still love you all.

The BBM conversation starts right as Xavier (or was it Contra) tells me he's gonna put Switch on the phone and I proceed to hang up on the guy (well, actually right before he could even get on the phone).

XBURT: Yo... That was Switch talking to you on Contra's phone. Not trying to
wake u but they want to hit the studio. Switch & Mapai.
XBURT: A couple friends. They want to lay this shit down.
Induce: I didn't talk to anybody but contra
Induce: We have 4 people sleeping
XBURT: Its all up to you
Induce: Studio can be used tomorrow during the day
XBURT: Basically switch is here and he and mapai want to lay some shit down
XBURT: werd....
XBURT: Saturday
XBURT: @ our BBQ
XBURT: This girl is the truth
Induce: Sometime other than 6am
XBURT: No worries
XBURT: Damn mang
XBURT: 10 of us
Induce: Not
XBURT: Switch is honest to god looking for a studio
XBURT: Spank
XBURT: Mapai
XBURT: But she's speaking some real shit right now
XBURT: And switch is mezmerized
Induce: Its really hard to fall asleep when you keep texting me
XBURT: Ahhh soorryy
XBURT: This is so real
XBURT: Just seems right
XBURT: Anyway I'm done
XBURT: Sorry
XBURT: Contra is going to call you last time for the night

Contra not only called me for the last time after that, but he proceeded to call me about 12 more times, which did nothing but piss me off even more, not only because I had been half asleep and woken up by this shit in the first place, but more because my finger was getting tired of pressing ignore on my phone.

*Future reference - If you want something like this to happen, make sure i'm with you when you are making these plans (at which time, i still might even shoot em down), or call me at say, 3pm. or pay me.

PS :: Quote for the road : "She's speaking some real shit right now"


[dave] said...

i love mapei ...

what was that verse?

i'm eating chicken in the kitchen / just filling my gut / you ain't busting no nut / you ain't busting no nut

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Woods said...


Just like trying to eff a girl without using a condom.