Wednesday, May 14, 2008

With A Quickness

So when a TV bobblehead known as Don Imus made his "...nappy-headed hoes" comment a couple days/months/years(?) back Doormouse was quick to react and grabbed the sample and plugged it into this *cough* 'bmore-ish' song.

It was obviously more of a joke than anything, and after playing it a for a couple weeks at Purdy Lounge, the moment had passed . . . I thought.

Right around that very moment, I get hit up on AIM from . . . um, John Doe, who is raving/laughing about a new song Tittsworth did.  And Voila, it was a Don-Imus-Bmore-Ooof-'song'.  Now, little did the blog-world know, Doormouse's song pretty much ruled vs. Jesse's, and it was 'out' at least two weeks earlier.  Yet, Titts' song went on to further propel Jesse up in the blogosphere, garnering more than a thousand downloads; whereas Dan's pretty much just annoyed those at Purdy Lounge.   

What's the point of this story?  

Well, it seems that nowadays, we're collectively on the pursuit of the NuNEW -- to the point of NOW.  

*Note: I highly recommend reading Ritalin Nation, a book that goes into this pursuit of faster/better/stronger and culturally-created illnesses like A.D.D.   I know that we are living in a semi-illiterate age.  So for those who have forgotten, books are basically like blogs, except tactile, usually not with as many photos, and just a bit longer.  

** Also, one of my friends is a 10th & 11th grade teacher here in Miami --- we were speaking yesterday, and apparently its common for students to spell words like garbage - garbitch/garbidge.  Hey its not the easiest word, but COME ON!!!  You're ~16-17.  Your life is headed in one-direction, you should probably learn how to spell it. 

So anyways, this clip of Bill O'Reilly freaking out was played on The Colbert Report yesterday.  I had seen it a while ago -- but i'm sure millions of Americans have not.  

Going further with this NuNew, now that I have a blog, I can let the 'sphere' know that my man Danny Daze, a member of the DiscoTech production trio cooked up these two variations of a track using O'Reilly as the sample fodder.  So when you hear another song come out in a week or so using the same sample . . . 

DiscoTech - Do It Live (Version 1)


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Thanks for sharing the link - but unfortunately it seems to be not working? Does anybody here at have a mirror or another source?


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