Monday, May 5, 2008

Sammy Bananas

Met this guy (not Michna, or guy on the left) when I was in Canada -- he was staying w/ Smalltown Pete, and came with us to this ski-season-closing-party up in the Rocky Mountains.  The whole car-ride up, we basically just did what a carload of djs naturally do when placed in close proximity with each other; nerd-out.  

". . . yeah, that shit was awesome.  But you know that band that Rick James and Neil Young used to be in together . . . . fuck, forgot their name . . ."
"You mean Mynah Birds?!  Oh, hell yeah!"
"Oh Shit!  Hey, turn that up!  I lurvvv The Band!"  
"Did you ever see that Bob Dylan documentary . . . (not the one you were going to think of, but the other one that is still VHS-only) . . . "

Anyways, here he is rubbing his 'stache as he prepares to drop a magestic musical treat known as Nelly's "Hot In Herre".

He's on Fools Gold.  Probably on the road, or working, or 'staching.

45 King vs. Wale - PYRAMID (Sammy Bananas Remix)

And for the nerds/enthusiasts -- I'll take your blog "remix" and up you studio outtakes of The Mynah Birds'; recorded in 1966.  Solid rock.  Check "Go On And Cry" for something that Cody Chestnutt probably listens to, on repeat.
The Mynah Birds - '66 Outtakes

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