Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick, Run!

If you haven't checked out my good friends at Fully Fitted, do so.  Now.

Alex has been known to put up a bunch of his productions -- at least those that he's already been paid for, and/or isn't getting released.  
Chris posts up pictures of homemade breakfast which always look really good and make me sad and jealous.  
Ron posts . . . stuff.

I bring them up now, because what with me not having a computer for a minute, I missed the instrumental for Alexxx's "Nausea" remix he did for Beck.  

Get It. Play It.

Also, if you're nice, you should try asking for his Dave Gahan remix.  Super-tempted to post it, but promised not too.  Really came out well.  Then again, its been over six(?)-months+ . . .   

Gimme the word mang!

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