Thursday, May 29, 2008

Up N Strolling.

Been through 3 computers in the last 4 days; trying to get situated before the Santogold tour.  Now my crates aren't showing up, and apparently the latest Serato update isn't 'approved' for Mac OS 10.5.3, etc, etc.

Also, felt like the blog needed a breather to soak up all that is/was Dan's agggggrrroo-post.  Bad day chum?!

Well, let's move things forward.

Looks like Lily Allen's on the same diet I am.

And in other news . . .

In the near future (*edit: Thursday night) my boy EggFooYoung, now 'known' as Michna (sellout!)(Ghostly | Turntable Lab) is coming into town for a weekend of gigs.  

It's crazy to me that I've known this guy for about 10 years!  I still remember one of his first mixtapes -- he did this little beat-juggling session w/ Common's "Funky For You" using that "I can break it down..." section, then switchin up the speeds as he juggled it.  He did the routine at one of my backyard Ill Sessions parties my 1st year living off-campus; I'm pretty sure that was the same party that ended w/ 7 MPD squad cars and a helicopter!  

Anyways, I stole this track off his laptop ~2 years ago.  I know he never checks our blog, so I figured I'd post it up; don't rat us out.  That and apparently you have to post up a Diplo-related track to get on Hype Machine. (WTF?!  Anybody got the connect?  Darko?!  Roxy?!  Bueller?!?)  

Diplo - Way More (EggFooYoung Remix)

And this song outshined the rest of Like Water For Chocolate for me.  I'm pretty sure the late Jay-Dee produced it.

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