Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Subscription Renewal

I've only ever had a subscription to three magazines in my life.  

Chronologically, they are:

Sports Illustrated for Kids
 - My grandmother would renew this subscription every birthday of mine, even well after I had stopped reading it.

Mad Magazine
- My parents (read: Mom, cuz Dad didn't approve) would renew this every Christmas. 

- The only subscription I ever had taken out myself.  Actually, wait, that's a lie.  I asked my sister to get it for me.  But I definitely renewed it a couple times.

Anyways, I've been off the magazine diet for a while now, what with 'being green' and broke.  That said Adbusters was/is a great magazine, and since my birthday is coming up real quick (go to Luis's tonight!) . . . *hint, hint* . . . . . .  (EDIT:  If you couldn't pick up on that hint, and you're looking for a bday present for me, get me a subscription to Adbusters.  Thanks.  Love you long time.) 

Also, they've got an interesting article on the Hipster countered-counter-cultured-cultures.
Buy the issue, and/or read this particular article online here.

In anti-segue news, when I used to work in radio -- I got this promo:  

The artwork pretty much forces your arm to throw it in the nearest trash can, but thankfully I put it on the turntable to listen to.  The whole album isn't great - but there are definitely some stand-out tracks.

Sound Defects - Faded Soul

EDIT: Now that I'm re-listening to it, here's another nice cut off the LP.
Sound Defects - Standing 8

*A word to any aspiring artists sending/handing out promos -- eat Ramen for another month or two so that u can save up for some better design/packaging -- it really does make a difference.  Giving out something that looks doo-doo, pretty much guarantees the same reaction. I can only imagine how much stuff a writer at Rolling Stone has to wade through to get to their bed. They probably listen to 1% of it.


bernz said...

goddamn that adbusters article was fresh

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