Monday, September 29, 2008


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Starting last week, I will be recording an hour and a half set every week from my Friday night gig at Level 25 in the Conrad Hotel. Hopefully, people will like it and come to the party. On the other hand, no one will come, they will fire me, and I will go broke and be forced to sell my body on the street. As much I would prefer the latter, the former would be slightly easier. Slightly.

Tracks by:

-AntiBalas Afrobeat Orchestra
-Poets Of Rhythm
-Gwen McCrae
-Alphonze Mouzon
-Keni Burke
-Carol Douglas
-Sylvia Striplin
-Marvin Gaye
-Raphael Saadiq
-Janet Jackson (J Dilla)
-Sa-Ra Creative Partners
-Midnight Star
-The Extra T's
-Richard Bone
-Bobby Caldwell


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