Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sudok-On This

Apparently, according to an "I'm in the know" friend of mine, I'm one of the last remaining people that still uses Hotmail as my primary e-mail account; I guess my spam-filter blocked that "G-mail is IN" msg.  

Anyways, I've had the same account since 1996; which I got after going to my friend Sasha's house --- the first person I knew connected to them Internets

I remember being really unimpressed w/ it.  I mean, he was the only other person I knew w/ e-mail, and with no computer at my home, the only person I could send an e-mail to would be him, and it'd be sent from his parents' office.  It was funny the first couple hundred times, but you know . . . what with a 28.8 dial-up connection, it really took a solid effort to go through with sending that fart joke.

Anyways, back to Hotmail.  For those not familiar w/ using The Gates' letterhead, every time you logout, you are sent to  Now every time you navigate away/to this page, especially if you're a user of Hotmail, it'll cater its news and ads to you; kinda like when you're searching for mp3s and you get ads telling you about hot chicks in *wherever you're based* trying to hook up w/ you.  ("Oh hell yeah!  Score! Um, wait a sec . . .")

Well, this article came up, I clicked it, I read it, and now I'm sharing it.  
Read it, and then maybe you too will resist jumping to the back of those mind-numbing magazines the next time you're on a plane looking to pass the time.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Learning To Fly (Emlord Edit)


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wack ass hotmail , COMEON!

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