Thursday, October 2, 2008

And You Don't Stop

Pittsburgh, Hoooah!!!

My boy ToddK, or when I hung with him, DJ Absolut, hailing from The Burgh o' Pitts . . . hit me up w/ this remix he did of The Whispers' "Rock Steady".  
*EDIT: Apparently, he's now to be known as KEEB$ . . .

Here's the OG video so that you can get to work on your dance moves when this gets dropped.

The Whispers - Rock Steady (Keeb$ Remix)

Also here's a mix he put together for something or other.
Keeb - Ceiling Stack Mix

1 comment:

kurt jacobson said...


Keeb$ killing it! I haven't rocked so steady ever before.

Yo! I be coming to miami for the wedding in december. holler.