Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yo i got the ill nasal drip, and its not from putting anything in my schnose. As i get ready to head up north (chicago) i get the feeling that i really need to get over this (whatever it is) cold? i heard its nice and cool up there not to mention windy and a tad dry so last thing i need is to head up there with a weak imune system (hopes for the best). Today i'll be going a different route with the upload, no funk/soul this time. As all of you do not know i am an avid oldschool electro/ miami bass collector so here I'm going for some classic Cali electro/freestyle from the year 1988 i bring you segment 2. You've probably never heard of them, mainly because they only released one single on tandeem records (cameron pauls label) none the less i really used to enjoy playing this track out (98-2003 ish) went well with other more well known cali tracks (x-men bonus beats, this is a test, Chain gang) hopefully you'll enjoy i as much as i have i decided to upload the Dub version for its lack of verses and added (fun) samples/ chop ups. If you dont who cameron paul was heres a nice little video i found on you tube about dude mixing it up, hes not mix master mike but he throws it down.

and heres him talking a bit abou the bay area scene

haha that vid is classic
anywho enough with my vids and shit, like you cant go look for yourselves (sheesh)
segment 2- cold pump that body dub

here a link to the actual track on youtube with verses
maybe next post ill do something about dj efx


Anonymous said...

I got a copy of that 12".find me some trax records no barcode 12"s and ill trade ya.Also look out for warehouse records stuff for a homie.


DS said...

juanskeee i already have cold pump that body, but i havent forgetten about your traxx. i got you

Anonymous said...

wooo hoooo!!!!!youre a homie