Saturday, October 18, 2008


It has been recently brought to my attention, as if i already did not know. I haven't been posting a lot recently, mostly because i have found myself not having anything to post about. Well fellow dj friend Contra explained to me no one cares. He gave me a few ideas of what i could post, since i have been ripping my vinyl collection to mptrees (not WAV sorry not enough room, nor money. so save it ryan) i'll be uploading atleast one track per week. Why just one track? because im greedy AHAHAHAHA ALL MINE COOKIE YUM, and lazy.
Anywho without further adue Lester Abrams AKA a lot of other bands but mostly i really appreciate this track. L.A Carnival, which used to be the les smith soul band, lester changed the name to LA carnival. The group was not a very big hit during the time, as for the group it slowly faded away.
which reminds me, off topic last night as i was laying i am of one color. My boy decided to ask me if i have any lighter shade of brown or fuschinckens which i dont. so i need to remember to get that, and what other way to do so than to post it here.

so now that i went of on a rant about something that has nothing to do with LA carnival or the track color

here it is for you

La Carnival- Color

also heres a nice little interview by stones throw on boob tube you snoob lube yoube


Anonymous said...

this album "LA Carnival Would Like to Pose a Question" IS DOPE!!! I liked the single, got the album, and was like DAMN. I've had this album for years and have not got tired of it. Incredible that it was never released all through the 70s 80s and 90s, and incredible that it was made in Nebraska.

The video ... I have it, i think it's on Stones Throw 101 DVD ... not sure ... but that shit's cool too.

Anonymous said...

P.S. re: "The group was not a very big hit during the time" ... that is an understatement. The group only did one 45.