Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bout to Watch This VP Debate Thang

 . . . and lemme just put this thought out there -- we'll see if i'm at all accurate.  

I'm sure you've heard/seen a bunch about how Palin's a dolt, and will horribly fail in the VP job if she can even get past the 'debate' w/ 'Barracuda' Joe Biden(I totally just made up that nickname, think it should stick).  

Anyways, I'd like to predict that she not only won't make an ass of herself, she'll actually do . . . um, i dunno, O.K.  All this talk about her being an idiot will then be surmounted by her mediocre, yet passable, performance on these debates that the press has been billing as a massacre.

It goes back to my own famous words: "You will never fail if you don't try." 

Expectations of Palin's performance = Ooooof!
Palin's performance = OK
Resulting view on Palin = Not that bad; if not at least, way better than was to be expected.

Well, debates have started, lets just see if the GOP was able to craft this 'upset'.  Dunno if this all made sense, but got no time to check it over.

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