Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hanging w/ Illegal Aliens

So apparently my man, Mike 'Deuce', is an unregistered citizen of the US; so on our way to Latin Cafe (should've been my first hint) for breakfast, (I'm freshly awake and rockin my Bowery Hotel slippers) we get pulled over . . .

3 more squad cars later, they frisk dude and put him in the back of their car after an "Immigration Violation" comes up on their laptop w/ a pic of him. While I, fresh from losing my wallet in NYC, have no ID to show the officers. The move??

c: "Nah, I dunno the guy."
p: "Do you have a cell phone?"
c: "Yeah."
p: "Ok, you're free to go, but we're towing this car, so you should probably call someone to pick you up."

10 minutes later, Aramis scoops me up in the Porsche. Mike's going downtown.

EDIT: He's freeish now; but unless you're clean, don't hang out w/ dude, anywhere.

The Clash - Police On My Back

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