Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jock- Jock- Jockin Santi, Jockin Santi

"... in the building tonight!"

So a couple weeks ago, Santi opened up for T.I. & Jay-Z.  You may be familiar with them from such hit songs as "Every Other Song Played In A Nightclub" or the emotional ballad "If It's Not Playing Now, You'll Hear It Soon".

So I was kinda excited for the show -- not really our part of it, but more the 'everything but us' part.  I mean, this is 'the guy'.  He is on top on top.  He's the dude in the orgy who is like: "Aight, who is licking on my toes?!" [Hmm, that analogy totally fell short of what was once funny in my head; but here's to no rewrites in '08.]  

Anyways, as I was saying; so he's on top of the game killin everyone Rambo II style; and for the top guy doin his 'on top show', Saltmaster Flash (that'd be me) kinda felt it wasn't all that great.  I mean, its hard to knock a show that is stacked full of classic/soon-to-be-classic bangers, but even so, we're working somewhere in the ranges of 7.5 out of 10, definitely no higher than 6.5.  You know, being the balanced critic that I am, (a luxury which I like to afford myself, as its waaayy easier than actually making 70 gazillion hit songs), I was definitely let down.  If i were a fan spending $300 to get close enough to feel his sweat fall on me, I probably wouldn't really care either way, but back-row seats people -- i know you hear me.  
And no, in my brief interaction w/ dude, i didn't tell him to his face that his show was 'womp' . . . but i did tell santi to tell him for me.

I wish i had more photos/video of the show --- especially his 1990's techno-screensaver graphics that were projected on the massive screens above the stage. But below is pretty much all I snapped.

The "I Got So Many Hits" Encore Segment:

* yeah DJ AM (looking like not a damn thing happened to him) was on stage as Jayz DJ; as in there were turntables on stage, and he had headphones on sometimes -- but i'm thinking it prolly went along the lines of what Craze does w/ Kanye now -- cuz there was a mega ProTools station at the side of the stage.